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Jared Schroeder


Jared Schroeder

Associate Professor

Jared Schroeder is an associate professor who specializes in First Amendment theory, examining how we should understand freedom of expression in an era defined by difficult questions about artificial intelligence, the flow of information, and questions concerning platform regulation.

To explore these concerns, Schroeder’s research examines the historical origins and development of First Amendment theory, the nature and flow of ideas in a democratic society, and how traditional understandings can be revised or reimagined to address emerging problems.

His findings contend First Amendment theory has, over time, been transformed into a rigid, problematic tool that is out of touch with its original intent and the challenges emerging technologies create for democracy

Schroeder is the author of The Press Clause and Digital Technology's Fourth Wave and co-author of Emma Goldman's No-Conscription League and the First Amendment. He has also published numerous peer-reviewed and law-review articles, including “Marketplace Theory in the Age of AI Communicators” and “The Emerging Artificial Marketplace.”

He is a frequent contributor to popular and trade publications regarding tech policy and the First Amendment, and is often a speaker and panelist on free expression and emerging-technology issues.

Schroeder brings his research questions into the classroom, challenging students to not only understand fundamental concepts regarding free expression, but to question and evaluate foundational First Amendment principles in light of emerging technologies and contemporary legal concerns.

Schroeder is an officer in the Law & Policy Division of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication.


Ph.D. in journalism, University of Oklahoma
M.A. in mass communication, Texas Tech University
B.A. in journalism, Abilene Christian University


Freedom of expression and emerging technologies
The marketplace of ideas theory in the network era
Discourse in democratic society


JOUR 4316: Communication Law
JOUR 4370: Law & Ethics in a High-Tech World
JOUR 3396: History of Journalism
JOUR 2312: News Reporting

Selected Publications

Schroeder, J. (2020). Hannah Arendt’s Machines: Re-Evaluating Marketplace Theory in the AI Era. First Amendment Studies.

Schroeder, J. (2019). Marketplace Theory in the Age of AI Communicators. First Amendment Law Review 17, 22-64.

Pribanic-Smith, E., & Schroeder, J. (2019) Emma Goldman's No-Conscription League and the First Amendment. New York: Routledge.

Schroeder, J. (2018) The Press Clause and Digital Technology's Fourth Wave: Media Law and the Symbiotic Web. New York: Routledge.

Schroeder, J. (2018). The Discursive Marketplace: Reimagining the Marketplace Metaphor in the Era of Social Media, Fake News, and Artificial Intelligence, First Amendment Studies.

Schroeder, J. (2017). The Future of Discourse in Online Spaces. In Daxton R. Stewart (Ed.), Social Media and the Law (pp. 255-274). New York: Routledge.

Schroeder, J. (2016). Shifting the Metaphor: Examining Discursive Influences on the Supreme Court’s Use of the Marketplace Metaphor in Twenty-First-Century Free Expression Cases, Communication Law & Policy 21(3), 383-430.

Schroeder, J. (2014). Focusing on How Rather than on Whom: Constructing a Process-Based Framework for Interpreting the Press Clause in the Network-Society Era. Communication Law & Policy 19(4), 509-562.

Professional Experience

Sports editor, San Angelo Standard-Times
Assistant city editor, San Angelo Standard-Times
Sports writer, Abilene Reporter-News


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Art History

Arts Management and Arts Entrepreneurship

Corporate Communication and Public Affairs

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