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Camille Kraeplin

Umphrey Lee 209
Camille Kraeplin

Camille Kraeplin

Associate Professor

Camille Kraeplin earned a doctorate in Journalism from the University of Texas at Austin after nearly a decade spent as a newspaper and magazine editor. A member of SMU’s Journalism faculty, she also directs the Fashion Media program. Dr. Kraeplin has specialized in examining media portrayals of women and minority groups. She has published articles and presented papers on such topics as the portrayal of young women in fashion magazines and our society’s obsession with the mediated “thin ideal.” She is currently working on a book about how convergence has changed the fashion media landscape.


CCJN 2303: Writing and Editing for Journalists
CCJN 4360: Women & Minorities in the Mass Media
CCJN 4380: Objectivity & Bias in the News
CCJN 5305: Topics in Critical Studies, Human Rights & the Journalist


Kraeplin, Camille. “Minority Females & the Thin Ideal: Ethnic versus Mainstream Fashion Magazines and Their Effects on Acculturation & Body Image in Young Black & Latino Women", Journal of Research on Women & Gender - Fall 2011.

Kraeplin, Camille. “Two Tales of One City: How Cultural Perspective Influenced the Framing of a Pre-Civil Rights Story in Dallas", American Journalism, Winter 2008, 73-97. 

Kraeplin, Camille, and Carrie Anna Criado. “Surveys Show TV/Newspapers Maintaining Partnerships,” Newspaper Research Journal - Fall 2006, 52-65.

Kraeplin, Camille, and Carrie Anna Criado. “Building a Case for a Convergence Journalism Curriculum,” Journalism and Mass Communication Educator - Spring 2005, 47-56. 


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