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Popular Film and Media Studies M.A. Curriculum

This 30-hour program in Popular Film and Media Studies is designed to be completed during a three-term period. Within the course requirements the program is divided into one half required courses, one half electives, and a comprehensive exam. At the end of every term, a committee of faculty within the Division will evaluate the candidate’s overall progress in the program.

For descriptions of individual courses, see catalog.

M.A. Course Requirements

Required Courses Credit Hours

Core Courses

  • FILM 6313 Contemporary Media Studies
  • FILM 6351 Seminar in Media History
  • FILM 6352 Seminar in Popular Film
  • FILM 6354 Seminar in Popular Media
  • FILM 6356 Seminar in Contemporary Media Culture
Five FILM or other courses at the 5000 level or above
(Courses outside of FILM must be approved by the Division to count as electives)
Comprehensive Exam 0
Total 30

If a student applies with a degree from a field other than film/media, broadcasting or telecommunications, the Division has the discretion to require her or him to complete undergraduate courses in film/media history (which may include FILM 1301 The Art of Film and Media, FILM 1302 Media and Culture, FILM 3351 International Film History, FILM 3352 American Film History or FILM 3353 American Broadcast History). These courses will not count in the degree plan, but are especially helpful in preparing students for advanced study in fields with which they may not be sufficiently familiar. Such courses must be passed with a grade of C or better.

Students desiring to enroll in the following courses for elective credit are required first to pass a basic production competency test administered by the Division faculty: FILM 6301 Experimental Camera, FILM 6308 Editing.

Comprehensive Exam
Upon completion of coursework, M.A. candidates are given a written comprehensive exam, to assess the student’s overall knowledge of film/media history and expertise in film/media theory. The exam consists of two in-depth essays based on question topics drawn from the coursework completed by the student, and will be evaluated by graduate faculty. If the graduate faculty judge the exam to be below acceptable standards, the candidate can request an oral defense of her or his work, which must be scheduled and completed within one year of the exam. If the graduate faculty judge the exam to display sufficient depth and facility, the student will receive her or his degree at the end of the term.

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