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MA in Film

The Master of Arts in Popular Film and Media Studies degree at SMU Meadows School of the Arts prepares students for professional careers in the critical study of the motion picture, television and related media industries.

You’ll learn the theories and philosophies of film and media through intensive examination of Hollywood film studio genres, the impact of organized fandom on the development of science-fiction and fantasy television series, the ways popular media have been vilified for political gain and more. A distinct alternative to the usual collegiate M.A. film studies fare, the SMU M.A. in Popular Film and Media Studies program better prepares you for more advanced, self-directed work in Ph.D. programs, a career in teaching film/media in secondary education, or work as a media industry analyst.

Learn from Meadows’ widely published critical studies faculty and take advantage of generous SMU library resources, including a 35mm and 16mm archive of classic Hollywood shorts and features, vintage TV news footage, the Texas Black Film Collection, over 500 interviews with industry professionals and more.

No other M.A. film program in the United States focuses so intently on the relationship of popular media to cultural concerns.

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