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Tearlach Hutcheson

Adjunct Lecturer

Born and raised in Australia, Tearlach Hutcheson moved to the United States in the early nineties to earn a Bachelor of Arts and Masters of Humanities in film theory from the University of Colorado. Following some world travel, he arrived in Dallas in 1997 to run the Inwood Theatre. In 1999, he became director of publicity and promotions for Landmark Theatres, overseeing the regional field and Oscar publicity campaigns for many independent films including Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon; Amores Perros; and Memento.

He left Landmark in October 2001 to team up with Magnolia Pictures and create the Magnolia Theatre located in the West Village. In 2003 Magnolia Pictures was successfully sold to Todd Wagner’s and Mark Cuban’s 2929 Entertainment company. Hutcheson worked for 2929 holding various positions until 2006. In 2007, as the managing director for AFI Dallas, he oversaw the execution and operations of the first annual AFI Dallas Film Festival, an exciting addition to the arts calendar of the city. He joined Studio Movie Grill in 2009, where he is currently the head film buyer and senior director of film.

Hutcheson has also spent the last ten years exploring the concept of film exhibition. He oversaw the renovation of the Inwood Theatre, a historical Dallas landmark, making it profitable once again and saving it from closure. He teaches courses on the business of film exhibition and distribution, and on film theory. He explores every day in work and academics the new world of exhibition and the possibilities the future offers.


FILM 3335: Film Exhibition and Distribution
FILM 3396: Film Marketing

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