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DANC 1151: Dance Production I
Introduction to the technical preparation, production and running of dance performances. Scheduled classes provide orientation and information for providing support in areas of lighting, sound, costumes and scenery. In addition, in-service assignments provide hands-on training in mounting a main stage production, as well as load-in and strike of dance productions in other venues. Required of all first-year dance majors.

DANC 1152: Dance Production II
Service assignments for performance activities as a continuation of material introduced in the previous term. Development of production skills through verbal and visual communication. This course includes lab hours outside of and in addition to the regularly scheduled class meeting times. Required.

DANC 1244: The Dancer's Toolbox
Introduces healthy and effective practices that serve to develop a vibrant and successful dance artist. Focus on physical well-being, artistic protocols, intellectual and cultural perspectives, and diverse approaches to creating and sustaining motivation and inspiration. Also, collaboration with other orientation courses and projects.

DANC 1326: Foundations of Music: History and Theory
A course designed to introduce students to basic listening skills, historic musical literature, methods for exploring multiple genres of music and basic music theory related to rhythm and dynamics. The theoretical materials introduced in this class will be reinforced and practiced in the composition track (three terms of composition and one term of choreo-lab), which begins in the sophomore year.

DANC 2160: Introduction to Pilates
Introduction to Pilates, a non-impact body conditioning method based on principles of abdominal and scapular stabilization. Emphasis on non weight-bearing exercises, proper alignment, full range of motion, and patterned breathing.

DANC 2361: Dance Theory and Practice With an Emphasis in Laban Movement Studies
An introduction to established theoretical concepts and their practical application to the performance and creation of movement. Areas of concentration include Somatics, Laban Movement Analysis, Motif Writing and Labanotation.

DANC 3381: Repertory and Performance III
Rehearsal and performance of master works of choreography, with emphasis on renement of detail, clarity of phrasing, expression, musicality, and versatility within a broad range of styles. Prerequisite: DANC 2382 or instructor approval.

DANC 3382: Repertory and Performance IV
Rehearsal and performance of additional master works of choreography, with emphasis on renement of detail, clarity of phrasing, expression, musicality, and versatility within a broad range of styles. Prerequisite: DANC 3381 or instructor approval.

DANC 4104: Partnering
Introduction to the basic elements of partnering inherent in classical ballet. Emphasis on technical skills and classical style. Includes excerpts from classical repertory. Admission by invitation. Prerequisite: Instructor approval.

DANC 4045, 4145, 4245: Advanced Choreographic Projects
Individual directed studies in choreography with a culminating performance. Prerequisites: DANC 3244 and instructor approval.

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