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B.A. in Communication Studies

Students seeking an undergraduate degree in Communication Studies receive a broad background in the liberal arts, followed by a major curriculum that prepares them for graduate and professional studies and/or work in agencies, corporations and nonprofit organizations; cultural, legal and educational institutions; associations; and government.

The curriculum introduces students to the historical development of the communication field and educates them about the principles and theories behind organizational and public communication. Students also develop requisite communication skills, gain awareness of the ethical responsibilities of professional communicators, and develop the communication and management capabilities required for success in a global environment. After developing a strong core of fundamental communication skills and knowledge, students learn how to apply those skills in organizational and public contexts. The Communication Studies program emphasizes critical thinking, problem solving, research and writing.

Communication Studies Honors Program

Students may apply for admission to the honors track after completion of 45 hours with a 3.5 overall GPA or better. To graduate “with distinction,” students must take six hours of honors-designated Communication Studies courses and COMM 4375 Honors Thesis in Communications. Students accepted to the honors track must maintain a 3.5 or higher overall GPA in all SMU coursework to graduate with the honors distinction. The top 10 percent of each class is eligible for faculty nomination to Kappa Tau Alpha, the national communication honorary society.

Requirements for the Degree Credit Hours
Pre Major Core Requirements

Core courses 2310 and 2327 should be taken concurrently and must be completed prior to enrolling in 2308 and 2375.

Major Core Requirements Core courses 2308 and 2375 should be taken concurrently and must be completed prior to enrolling in upper division COMM electives. 6
Major Requirements: With the completion of the pre-core requirements (ENGL I & II and STAT) and the first two of the four core COMM requirements (2310 & 2327) students may apply to the major. Students must have a cumulative 3.0 in the above five courses with a grade of C or better in each course. A grade of C- will not count towards progression of major on any of the pre-core or pre-major core requirements. Minor Requirements: Same as major with the addition of three upper level COMM courses or two upper level COMM courses and one approved course outside of the division.
Upper-level Electives
Students are required to take 18 Upper Division Electives from the following. At least 3 credits must be taken in the area of International and Intercultural Communication.
International and Intercultural Communication
The remaining 15 credits may be taken from the menu below. Note: Only 6 hours of Topics coursework may be used toward the major.
PRACTICUM: Students will take two (2) Practicums, one of which focuses on applied communication in organizational contexts and settings, and the other of which offers a competitive academic communication experience.
Meadows Elective Co-Requirement
At least three of these hours must be in a non-Communications discipline.
Minor and Other Electives
Minor is to be determined with adviser and may be in another communication discipline.
Other Requirements / University Curriculum (UC)  41
Ethics Course Requirement  3
Foreign Language  8

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