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Sandi Edgar

ULee 224
Sandi Edgar

Sandi Edgar

Marketing Specialist

Sandi Edgar specializes in marketing strategy and implementation with more than 18 years of experience in both the public and private sectors. In retail, she took consumer goods from boutique distribution to a national presence at Wal-Mart, Whole Foods, Kroger, and HEB, amongst others, resulting in multi-million-dollar client valuations. Sandi has also managed UX research teams to conduct and analyze data for national casinos, banks, resorts, and cruise lines. Her passion for investing in the next generation led Sandi to academia where she enjoys marketing and teaching “business of the arts” courses at SMU’s Temerlin Advertising Institute.


M.A. Humanities Aesthetic Studies, Art History, University of Texas at Dallas

Advanced Marketing Certificate, SMU Cox School of Business

Cooperative Learning Foundations Certificate, Richland College

Professional Experience

Southern Methodist University, Temerlin Advertising Institute

  • ADV 3305 Business Communications
  • ADV 4106 Professional Seminars

Southern Methodist University, Lifelong Learning

  • Art History Happy Hour 1
  • Art History Happy Hour 2

University of Texas at Dallas: Humanities

Collin College: Art Appreciation Humanities

Dallas County Community College: Humanities, Art Appreciation, Art History




Project Archaeology: Investigating Rock Art. Curriculum Editor. Montana State University, 2018.

Reunion: The Dallas Review, Volume 2. Art editor. University of Texas at Dallas, 2012.

Reunion: The Dallas Review, Volume 3. Art editor. University of Texas at Dallas, 2013.

The First Fortnight: The History of the Neiman Marcus Fortnight.

RAW: RESEARCH, ART, WRITING Symposium, University of Texas at Dallas, Richardson, Texas March 2012.

Curatorial Experience

2016 Kult Klassic (Heyd Fontenot), Conduit Gallery, Dallas, Texas

2015 Plexus 32 (Gabriel Dawe), No Commission Art Fair, Miami, Fla.

2014 Plexus 26 (Gabriel Dawe), Blue Star Contemporary, San Antonio, Texas

2014 Plexus 25 (Gabriel Dawe), CAM, Raleigh, N.C.

2013 Momento Mori, UT Dallas Gallery, Richardson, Texas

2013 Pieces, Davis Foundry Gallery, Dallas, Texas

2013 Flex-Us 2, R02 Art, Dallas, Texas

2012 Plexus C7 (Gabriel Dawe), Private Installation, Raleigh, N.C.

2012 Plexus C6 (Gabriel Dawe), Private Installation, Del Mar, Calif.

2012 Justin Bieber’s Mom, Art Con 8, Dallas, Texas

2012 Bedding, AURORA, Dallas, Texas

2012 Design on Dragon, Design District, Dallas, Texas

2012 Plexus C5 (Gabriel Dawe), Houston Fine Art Fair, Houston, Texas

2012 Feed Bag, R02 Art, Dallas, Texas

2012 ’N Sink, Goodyear Retread Plant, Dallas, Texas

2012 Acoustic Synergy (Shannon Novak), R02 Art Dallas, Texas

2012 BarbARTque, Centraltrak Gallery, Dallas, Texas

2012 Plexus C3 (Gabriel Dawe), Dallas Art Fair, Dallas, Texas

2012 Flex-Us, R02 Art, Dallas, Texas

2012 Lean, M Streets, Dallas, Texas

2012 Plexus C2 (Gabriel Dawe), TED Conference, Long Beach, Calif.

2012 CircleWerk, Centraltrak Gallery, Dallas, Texas

2011 Occupy Artopia, Dallas Contemporary, Dallas, Texas

2011 ArtCon 7, 511 W. Commerce, Dallas, Texas

2011 Confirm & Deny, UT Dallas Gallery, Richardson, Texas

2011 Hello, 1331 Dragon, Dallas, Texas

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