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Tuition and Fees

Charges are based on the student's primary academic career. The costs indicated below are only an estimate for one academic year and may be different from the student's total expenditures. They do not include tuition remission, scholarships, assistantships, stipends or any other funding the student might receive nor do they include expenses for travel, books or supplies, the estimated cost of living, or additional fees charged by the relative division of study. The University reserves the right to change tuition, fees, requirements and regulations without notice.

Proof of medical insurance is required of all graduate students. International students and their dependents must be covered by the SMU student health plan.

Additionally, the Texas State Legislature has revised the meningitis vaccination policy for students enrolled in higher education, effective October 1, 2013. Per this new requirement, all new students under the age of 22 will be required to show proof of a vaccination 10 days prior to the first day of class. For more information about the policy, visit the SMU Student Health Center. It is advised to seek vaccination through your physician/clinic under your current health insurance policy. Cost of the vaccination through the SMU Student Health Center starts at $150.

Tuition & Fees for the Fall 2019 and Spring 2020 Academic Year

Program Tuition per Hour Fees per Hour Hours per Term Hours per Year Total Tuition per Year
MA in Advertising $1,100 $268 12 36 (1yr program) $49,248
MA in Art History $1,600 $268 9 18 $33,624
MA in Popular Film and Media Studies $1,350 $268 10 30 (1yr program)


MA/MBA in Arts Management $1,350 $268 Varies 41 (1st year), 34 (2nd year) $66,338 (including summer)
MM in International Arts Management --- --- --- 45 $40,000
MFA in Art $1,600 $268 15 30 $56,040
MFA in Theatre* $1,600 $268 12 24


MM in Composition $1,600 $268 7-8 15


MM in Instrumental or Choral Conducting $1,600 $268 7-8 15 $28,020

MM in Music Education (Part Time)** 
(Discounted Rate: 30 hrs total = $15,000)

$500 $0 Varies Varies Varies
MM in Music Education $1,600 $268 7-8 15 $28,020
MM in Musicology $1,600 $268 7-8 15 $28,020
MM in Performance $1,600 $268 7-8 15 $28,020
MM in Piano Performance & Pedagogy $1,600 $268 9 18 $33,624
MM in Theory Pedagogy $1,600 $268 7-8 15 $28,020
Performer's Diploma or Artist Diploma $1,600 $268 5 10 $18,680
PhD in Art History $1,600 $268 9 18 $33,624

*The MFA in Theatre is a 66 hour/3 year program with years 1 & 2 totaling 24 hours each and year 3 totaling 18 hours.
**The Part Time option with the discounted tuition for the Master of Music in Music Education is not available to International Students.
Enrollment in Music History and/or Music Theory Review courses is not factored into total hours or cost of enrollment. Enrollment in these courses will be at the same tuition/fees per hour and will not be covered by scholarships. Full time music majors also have a $150 fee each semester in addition to recital and practice room fees which may be charged based on enrollment and will not be covered by scholarships.
The PhD in Art History is a 36 hour/5 year program; however, primary enrollment is completed in the first 2 years.

International Students

There is an additional $75 per semester International Student Fee charged by the International Student and Scholars Services Office. In addition to demonstrating financial certification for the cost of tuition, fees and the SMU Student Health Plan, international students must also show financial certification covering the estimated cost of living in Dallas for 12 months (coverage for dependents is required at additional costs).

  • SMU Student Health Plan: $3,000 (current rate for 2019-20 year, increase expected for Fall 2020)
  • Estimated Cost of Living: $19,500

Any scholarships or assistantships that have been awarded will be included and applied as financial certification toward the total estimated amount.

Official bank letters or documentation within a six-month window of your embassy appointment will be acceptable from you or a sponsor outside of the United States. Funding from sources within the U.S. will require a recent official bank statement (within six months of your embassy appointment) in addition to an I-134 affidavit of support form (found at

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