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If you are a Meadows staff member and would like to make a suggestion, observation or comment, email us at MeadowsSMAC@smu.edu. The SMAC team wants to hear from you.
All comments are welcome.

SMAC (Staff of Meadows Advocacy Council) was established in September, 2013 for the purpose of building community among the hardworking staff members of SMU Meadows School of the Arts. SMAC fosters personal connections and informal staff gatherings, organizes community service events, builds and maintains a mentorship program, promotes staff recognition, training, empowerment and more.

SMAC is powered by all members of the staff.

SMAC Activities
If you are a Meadows School, Meadows Museum or Hamon Library staff member and want to know more about SMAC events, campaigns and staff get-togethers, check out previous issues of the SMAC News newsletter.

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