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Meadows Digital Signs

Due to repairs, the digital signs are unavailable until further notice.

Meadows has a 10-screen digital sign wall in the lobby of the Bob Hope Theatre in the Owen Arts Center. The digital sign wall is available for students and faculty to display their projects and work as well as to promote events.  We also have a 5-screen digital sign wall in the lobby of the Umphrey Lee Center.

Users are encouraged to get creative with designs, and use all 10 of the monitors to display content. More simple designs can also be effective, such as a single JPG that spans the entire width of the monitors. Download the Meadows Photo Submission Guidelines (PDF).

The signs are treated as a single canvas for content. The total resolution of the Owen Arts Center bank of signs is 7680 pixels wide by 1360 pixels high. The total resolution of the Umphrey Lee Center bank of signs is 5400 pixels wide by 1920 pixels high.

A monitor bezel exists between each monitor, which provides natural breaks to content. When building a design with multiple pieces of content, it's best to break the content along those seams. When possible, words within a design should also have spaces along the seams for maximum readability.

If you have work you would like displayed or an event you would like promoted, but do not have the graphic design resources for a custom design, please submit a Marketing Project Request and the Marketing Department can place the content into a template for display. Typical turnaround time for a digital sign is 5 business days.

Submit your content, ask questions, or begin a conversation about a custom content set on the digital signs by contacting the Marketing Department at meadows@smu.edu.

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