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Center of Creative Computation


Questions about the creative computing program? Contact:
Ira Greenberg
Director, Center of Creative Computation and Professor, Computer Science and Engineering

Owen Arts Center
Center of Creative Computation
6101 Bishop
Dallas, Texas 75205

The Center of Creative Computation is an interdisciplinary research and teaching center exploring computation as a universal generative medium–integrating creative development, quantitative analysis and interdisciplinary synthesis. The Center offers both a major and minor in Creative Computing, combining core coursework from the Meadows School of the Arts and the Lyle School of Engineering. The center sponsors student and faculty fellowships, workshops and lectures and facilitates interdisciplinary creative development and research. Examples of projects include hardware and software development, digital media/arts production, visualization, interactive performance, intermedia practice, digital humanities, pedagogical development, among others.

The Center promotes universal computational literacy and believes that all people (especially the emerging generation) need to understand computational thinking–based on information processing and algorithms–and be able to read and write programming code–not as an end in itself, but as an integrative path toward synthesizing novel solutions and discovering new interdisciplinary synergies. Computational literacy empowers people in the digital age to better understand and impact the technological forces and processes affecting nearly all aspects of their lives.

The Center of Creative Computation is housed in the Meadows School of the Arts, but invites active participation from all members of the university community and beyond. The Center crosses all disciplinary boundaries and encourages experimental and highly innovative approaches.

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