Lyle Ambassadors

Lyle Ambassadors is the Face of the Lyle School of Engineering. We try to focus on 3 things, Recruitment, Social Activities, and Service Opportunities. Our primary function is to help recruit the incoming freshman engineering class, but we also help our Dallas community through various projects,  and we connect Lyle engineers to one another, and to our faculty and staff through fun events.

Recruitment: Have you visited Lyle recently, are you planning to? Do you have a million and one questions about what it means to be an engineer? Lyle Ambassadors are here to help. At every SMU recruiting event, and specifically, Lyle recruiting events you will meet an Ambassador who is more than happy to answer your questions. In fact, most students that enter Lyle know or at least recognize one Ambassador because of their interactions with us.

Social: Lyle Ambassadors devastates all myths that engineers are nerds who spend all their time in a lab. We do our best to make the life of an engineer fun! From participating in campus-wide activities like Homecoming and Sing Song to putting on smaller events specifically for engineers, Lyle Ambassadors strives to connect students to SMU as a whole, and to our smaller Lyle community. We often hold events to allow students one on one time with professors and advisors who will help shape their time as an engineer here at Lyle. We also do things like put on Talent Shows to allow a different side of our engineers to shine!

Service: Lyle Ambassadors is not just a social club though, we also put a focus on giving back to the community. In the past, we have partnered with Dallas Ramps and put our engineering skills to work in the real world, by building ramps for those in need. More recently we have partnered with the childhood cancer foundation, Move for Miles. We want to help the Dallas community that has given so much to SMU and Lyle as well.