Academic Resources

Engineering may be tough, but we here at the Lyle school of engineering are here to help you, and for those of you looking for a little bit more, many of our resources are aimed at enriching your learning experience. Please check out the links below to learn more. Every resource we offer can help you make your life here at SMU even more enjoyable.

As a liberal arts university, SMU gives you more than just Engineering. From English to Physics, we have a wide breadth of majors and minors you can pursue in addition to your engineering major. We even have a Medieval Studies major!

At the Lyle School of Engineering most students take the few extra classes to get either a math major or a physics major, and around SMU, minors are extremely popular. But that is not to say that you should limit yourself to the math and sciences, or even just two degrees.

The sky truly is the limit here at SMU.

The Lyle School of Engineering is one of the few schools which will help you craft a personal degree if you truly have your heart set on a particular subject or field. Can you think of any other school which would be so willing to work with your needs to help you get where you want to go?

Our faculty and staff are willing to help our students achieve their goals by helping them customize their degree, even if that specialization does not exist yet at Lyle.  This shows just how dedicated the faculty and staff at SMU are at helping their students.

SMU offers the 4+1 program, which is extremely exciting for students because it would allow you to finish your masters degree in only one year after you finished your four years of undergrad. Hence the name 4+1.

The 4+1 Program essentially allows you to get your masters degree in half the time so that you can quickly enter the professional world and start earning money. Not to mention SMU will help pay for your masters degree if you prove to have a solid GPA by the time you graduate.

While you are still an undergrad you can apply for the 4+1 program. If you are admitted then that means you can start taking classes during your senior year which would count for both your undergraduate degree and your masters degree. It's that simple, and it saves you a ton of time and effort. So who wouldn't want to take advantage of this awesome program?

Traveling abroad is an experience everyone should have at least once in their life, and what better time to do that during college?

The study abroad program at SMU has a wide array of locations for you to visit, and your advisor will help you make sure you are able to take the correct classes while you are there. One student  chose to travel to Oxford to participate in the SMU-in-Oxford study abroad program. While at Oxford the student took classes from one of the most respected European historians, saw Einstein’s chalk board, held part of Darwin’s bug collection, and traveled every weekend.

Experiences like these open you to a world outside of your own. The best part is that your financial aid can help cover the tuition, and SMU will help make sure you are able to go where you want to go.

If you want more information please visit their website here.

All of the engineering degrees here at SMU can be used to apply to medical school. I Students can major in mechanical engineering with a specialization in Pre-Med. This allows them to take all of the core courses required to get into a medical school while also gaining experience in engineering which will inevitably be the future of medicine.

Mechanical engineering can help you gain the necessary knowledge to start building the next innovative prosthetics, while electrical engineering can help lead to advancements in neurophotonics. The opportunities are endless, and the faculty and staff at the Lyle School of Engineering are all eagerly waiting to help you achieve your goal or dream.

Please visit the Pre-med website here for more information about applying to medical school after you graduate from SMU.

If there is any reason why you should take a summer class, Taos is it. This program, along with the SMU-in-Italy program, can make for one of the memorable summers in your life, and allow you to be productive and enjoy the summer while working on your degree.  You will remember these two experiences for the rest of my life and smile when you reflect on them.

SMU's Taos campus is situated on the outskirts of Taos, New Mexico--in the heart of the Carson National Forest. It is an ideal location for educational, recreational and cultural activities of all kinds and particularly lends itself to cultural and natural studies of Northern New Mexico. Beyond the bounds of campus,the area in and around Taos and Santa Fe provides ample space in which to explore and learn.

All of the classes at Taos pertain to Taos in some sort of fashion. Whether you are exploring the Carson National Forest or visiting with the locals, you can be sure you won't be stuck within a classroom.

For more information I highly suggest you check out their website here.

Engineering is tough. Everyone knows that, but thankfully SMU has the perfect resource to help you through any class. The ALEC!

Put it simply, the ALEC is the one stop shop to get free tutoring in any subject you are having trouble with. All of the tutors have already taken the classes you are struggling with, and you can be sure they know what they are talking about because they all got A's in the class. The best part is that it is completely free.

Many students say their personal favorite part about the ALEC, is the writing center. For many engineers math and science come easy, but writing may be a whole other story on its own. At the writing center you can sign up for a thirty minute block with an actual English professor. All you have to do is hand them your paper and they will walk you step by step how to make it better.

If you want to learn more about the ALEC be sure to check out their site here.