Lyle at a Glance

Engineering is fundamentally about creativity and problem solving. A college degree in engineering, coupled with real-world experiences, can lead to many exciting opportunities both inside and outside of the engineering industry.

Through innovation and hands-on experiences, the Lyle School of Engineering attracts a diverse population of talented students interested in making a difference in the world through engineering. SMU engineering students take a rigorous curriculum of technical, theoretical, and practical classes to receive a well-rounded education that prepares them for both industry and graduate education.

Because we recognize engineering is difficult, the Lyle School of Engineering has resources and programs to enrich our student's learning experiences. From easy access to professors, lab research, learning accommodations, peer tutors, industry professionals, skill-building sessions, liberal arts studies, and work experiences, SMU engineering students have every advantage to succeed on campus and beyond.

As a liberal arts university, SMU allows you to explore more than a solely engineering curriculum. From the arts to the sciences and business to education, we have a wide breadth of majors and minors students can pursue in addition to his or her engineering major. For SMU engineering students, popular double-majors and minors include Finance, Economics, French, Spanish, Physics, Math, Creative Computing, English, and more.

The Lyle School of Engineering offers the 4+1 accelerated master's program that allows students to finish a master's degree in one year upon completion of a bachelor's degree. A master's degree in engineering allows students to specialize in their primary area of interest and serves as an effective salary negotiation tool.

Students apply for the 4+1 Program as a junior. If admitted, students take classes senior year that count for both their undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Traveling abroad is an experience everyone should have at least once in their lifetime, and most people agree there is rarely ever a better time for such an experience than in college. The study abroad program at SMU has a wide array of locations across the globe for you to visit, and your advisor will help you work study abroad into your curriculum so that it satisfies your interest in studying away as well as SMU's university curriculum requirements. 

Popular study abroad experiences include: 

  • SMU-in-Oxford - students take classes from one of the most respected European historians, see Einstein’s chalk board, hold part of Darwin’s bug collection, and travel every weekend. 
  • SMU-in-Italy - students visit cities such as Venice, Milan, Sienna, Pienza, Orvietto, Florence, Rome, and more; students took tours of St. Peters in Vatican City and the Sistine Chapel
  • SMU-in-Taos - although it isn't technically abroad, students enjoy studying Pueblo Indians, mountain biking, hiking, and fly-fishing in New Mexico

Study abroad experiences open you to a world outside of your own and the financial burden of studying abroad can be eased with merit or financial aid scholarships. 

For more information, please visit SMU's study abroad page here.

Much of the future of engineering relates to the advancement of medical technologies. The Lyle School of Engineering offers a Biomedical Specialization with Mechanical or Electrical Engineering majors. This combination of major and specialization allows students to take all of the core courses required to get into medical school while also gaining valuable experience in engineering.

Mechanical Engineering explores how to make implanted devices survivable and electrical engineering explores how the instrumentation and signal processing of biomedical devices works.

The Biomedical Specialization is an alternative to the Pre-Med track, although they are inter-related. Please visit the Pre-Health website here for more information.

SMU-in-Taos is a satellite SMU campus situated on the outskirts of Taos, New Mexico. Resting in the heart of the Carson National Forest, it is an ideal location for educational, recreational, and cultural activities of all kinds. It lends itself to cultural and natural studies of Northern New Mexico and Pueblo Indians.

To further explore SMU-in-Taos visit their webpage:

The Althschuler Learning Enhancement Center, or ALEC, is the one stop shop for free tutoring in any subject a student has trouble with. All of the tutors have taken and made A's in the classes they tutor.

Many students say their personal favorite part about the ALEC, is the writing center. For many engineers, math and science come easy, but writing may not. At the writing center, you can sign up for a thirty minute block with an English professor. All you have to do is hand the professor your paper and they will walk you step by step through how to make it better.

To learn more, see their website: here.