Enrollment and Student Records

The Office of Undergraduate Advising and Student Records is located in Caruth Hall, Suite 239. All engineering premajors are advised by advisers in this office, and declared engineering majors meet with faculty advisers for advising. The Office of Undergraduate Advising and Student Records assists all Lyle students with academic records and forms.

Following are important reminders about advising and records:

  • Meet with your assigned adviser at least once each semester prior to enrollment for the next term to plan courses for the upcoming semester.
  • You are responsible for your enrollment.
  • Enroll in the courses discussed with your adviser.
  • Make schedule changes by the add/drop deadline (5th class day of each semester).
  • Drop courses by the drop deadlines published in the Undergraduate Catalog if necessary.
  • First year students – complete the First Year Repeat form with your adviser prior to repeating the course.
  • Check your DPR at least once a semester to insure the following are correct:
    • Lyle major and subplan, if applicable,
    • Additional majors and minors,
    • All credit (test, transfer and SMU credit), and
    • Graduation term.
  • Declare your Lyle major first. Then, declared dual degrees, 2nd majors and minors.

You can find all academic policies in the Undergraduate Catalog.
Academic forms are accessible on the Registrar’s forms library.