Research by Faculty

Dr. Khaled Abdelghany

Transportation network modeling and design
Real-time traffic network management systems
Crowd dynamics
Airlines strategic planning and operations management

Dr. Richard (Dick) Barr

New optimization methods and models: network design; logistics; operations management; military targeting; mission planning
Telecom software: optical telecommunications network design; network management and grooming; yield-management
Information engineering: data-mining; micro-simulation databases; scoring and benchmarking systems

Dr. Ali Beskok 

Theory, experiments and numerical modeling of micro- and nano-scale thermal/fluidic transport processes, having applications in
bio-microfluidics, nanotechnology and energy systems

Dr. Jerome Butler

Optical sciences including integrated optics; optical communications and solid-state injection lasers and detectors; millimeter
microwave networks

Dr. Joseph Camp

Wireless networking and embedded systems, specifically focused on deployment, measurement, and analysis of large-scale
wireless networks and development of embedded protocols for network hardware

Dr. Sila Çetinkaya

Supply chain management
Stochastic optimal control and dynamic programming
Applied probability

Dr. Frederick R. Chang

Cyber security

Dr. Marc P. Christensen

Photonics: integrated photonic signal processing, computational imaging, optical interconnections, photonic neural interfaces

Prof. Adam Cohen

Laboratory for additive manufacturing, robotics, and automation

Dr. Frank Coyle

Software engineering

Dr. Eva Csaky

Sustainable value chains
Social entrepreneurship, including projects targeting resource efficiency
Clean water
Off-grid energy access for some of the most disadvantaged groups in the world

Dr. Carlos Davila

Signal processing; electrophysiology; medical device technology; ultrasound and modeling of biological neuronal systems

Dr. Scott Douglas

Adaptive signal processing; acoustics and speech processing; engineering education; technology in the music and
entertainment industries

Dr. James G. Dunham

Data compression
Cryptography and data security
Information theory
Communications and telecommunications

Dr. Jennifer Dworak 

Correct operation of integrated circuits and systems through advances in manufacturing test and online error detection

Dr. Usama El Shamy

Multiscale modeling of geotechnical systems
Computational geomechanics using discrete element method and finite element method
Numerical modeling of flood-induced erosion
Dynamic soil-foundation-structure interaction
Characterization of the thermal conductivity of granular soils
Model-based simulations in undergraduate education
Integration of remote major research instrumentation in undergraduate education

Dr. Delores Etter

Digital signal processing and biometric signal processing, with an emphasis on identification using iris recognition

Dr. Donald E. Evans

Software engineering

Dr. Gary Evans

Semiconductor lasers; photonic integrated circuits; epitaxial growth, solid-state and quantum device theory, properties of materials,
semiconductor processing, submicron optics, holography, and grating

Dr. Harsha Gangammanavar

Methodologies: Multistage stochastic programming, large scale data-driven optimization, approximate dynamic programming
Applications: Renewable energy integration in power systems, communication networks, health care logistics

Dr. Xin-Lin Gao

Solid and structural mechanics
Multi-scale materials modeling
Micro- and nano-mechanics
Higher-order continuum theories
Traumatic brain injury, biomechanics, mechanics of soft materials
3-D printed materials;
Indentation/contact mechanics, impact mechanics, damage and fracture mechanics
Nanocomposites, cellular and porous materials, textile and ballistic materials, modeling of manufacturing processes

Dr. Bruce Gnade

Flexible electronics with applications ranging from radiation sensors to microelectronic arrays for cellular recording

Dr. Milton Gosney

MOS integrated circuits - devices, processes, and circuits; Applications of IC technology to biology, including neural electronics and
synthesis of DNA; Wireless circuits, including transmitters and receivers

Dr. Ira Greenberg 

Creative computation
Digital humanities

Dr. Ping Gui

High-speed and low-power circuits design
RF and milli-meter (mm) wave (60GHz above) IC design
Highly-reliable circuits designed for harsh environment
Low-power IC design for medical applications
3D IC thermal modeling and testing
High-performance analog-to-digital converters (ADC) design

Dr. Michael Hahsler

Data mining
Information systems
Software engineering

Dr. Ali Heydari

Intelligent control; optimal and nonlinear control; hybrid control; and guidance, navigation, and control of
aerospace vehicles

Dr. LiGuo Huang

Software process
Mining software engineering repositories
Software quality/information dependability assurance
Software modeling
Empirical software engineering

Dr. Yildrim Hürmüzlü

Dynamic systems
Medical visualization
Vibration suppression

Dr. Tindaro Ioppolo

Lasers and optics
Mechanical Vibrations

Dr. Mohammad Khodayar

Power and energy, particularly on the planning and operation of renewable energy resources and storage technologies in
power systems; large-scale stochastic optimization techniques in power system operation and planning; transportation
electrification; smart grids; resilient energy supply and microgrids; and smart cities

Dr. MinJun Kim

Micro/nanorobotics, single cell/single molecule biophysics, and transport phenomena

Dr. Alireza Khotanzad

Intelligent systems; pattern recognition; neural networks; Image processing and analysis; forecasting; fuzzy logic

Dr. Radovan Kovacevic

Sensing and control of manufacturing processes
Rapid prototyping and manufacturing
Abrasive waterjet technology
Materials processing by high-powered laser
Sensing and control of welding processes

Dr. Paul S. Krueger

Vortex ring formation in starting and pulsed jets for application to propulsion, flow control, and biological locomotion
Quantitative flow visualization

Dr. José Lage

Heat transfer enhancement
Cooling of electronics
Transport in porous media

Dr. Eric Larson

Structured and semi-supervised machine learning
Embedded sensing
Ubiquitous computing

Dr. Choon Lee

Antennas and propagation

Dr. Charles M. Lovas

Engineering design methodologies
Creativity in engineering design
Effects of team diversity on engineering productivity 

Dr. Duncan MacFarlane

Photonic devices and systems, especially applied to signal processing, instrumentation and communications 

Dr. Theodore Manikas

Computer system security and reliability
Computer-aided integrated circuit design
Genetic algorithms

Dr. David Matula

Computer arithmetic
Peer-to-peer network optimization

Dr. Barbara Minsker

Developing innovative systems approaches to improve sustainability and resilience of coupled human and natural systems;
Coupling machine learning and social computing with “Big Data” and other information technology to address complex problems
such as green stormwater infrastructure design, integrated water cycle engineering, combined sewer overflows, hypoxia, and floods and droughts

Dr. Dona Mularkey

Management of technology and technology policy

Dr. Sukumaran Nair

Cyber security analytics
Software defined networks fault-tolerant computing

Dr. Xu Nie

Experimental solid mechanics
Impact mechanics
Dynamic behavior of materials and structures
X-ray computed micro-tomography 

Dr. Eli Olinick

Applied mathematical optimization
Telecommunications network design and optimization
Design and analysis of algorithms

Dr. Volkan Otugen

Experimental and theoretical fluid mechanics
Plasma applications to aerodynamics 
Micro-optical sensor technology

Dr. Panos Papamichalis

Speech and image processing
Computational imaging 

Dr. Behrouz Peikari

Analog and digital control systems

Dr. Andrew Quicksall

Fundamental mechanisms of contaminant partitioning between aqueous solutions and solids
Characterization and remediation of drinking water supplies with particular emphasis on the developing world
Biogeochemical redox processes and the temporal, spatial, and chemical expression of trace metals and metalloids
Synthesis, characterization, and reactivity of naturally-occuring and engineering poorly crystalline and nano-scale solid phases
Analytical method development for GC and ICP mass spectroscopies and application of electron and X-ray beam techniques to environmental systems

Dr. Peter E. Raad

Adaptive thermal modeling and laser-based measurements of submicron electronic devices
Tsunami mitigation and fluid wave interactions with solid structures 

Dr. Dinesh Rajan

Wireless networking
Information theory
Image processing
Optimization theory

Dr. Edmond Richer

Medical robotics, especially applications in minimally invasive, natural orifice, and image guided surgery.
Advanced imaging techniques

Dr. Brett Story

Development and implementation of algorithms for structural impairment detection (SID)
Instrumentation, excitation, and evaluation of structural systems
Design of retrofit solutions for existing structures     

Dr. Wenjie Sun

Environmental biotechnology for the treatment of hazardous contaminants
Application of molecular biology in environmental microbiology
Environmental toxicology
Treatment of emerging contaminants

Dr. Aurelie Thiele

Pricing and revenue management
Decision-making under high uncertainty
Risk management
Design of healthcare financing systems
Robust optimization
Portfolio management

Dr. Mitchell A. Thornton

Hardware security
Quantum logic and computation
Formal verification
Digital system design and verification
Embedded system design
Computer arithmetic and architecture
Systems engineering aspects of computer engineering

Dr. Jeff Tian

Software engineering
Software reliability
Testing measurements and analysis 

Dr. Wei Tong

Biomechanics and biomaterials
Plasticity and its engineering applications
Micromechanics study of materials
Digital image correlation strain mapping techniques

Dr. Halit Üster

Large-scale optimization models
Efficient solution algorithms for design and analysis of networked systems with applications in logistics and communications

Dr. David A. Willis

Experimental, time-resolved diagnostics of short pulse-width laser ablation and micromachining processes
Debris-free laser micromachining of thin metal films