Research by Faculty

Khaled Abdelghany

Transportation Network Modeling and Design
Real-Time Traffic Network Management Systems
Crowd Dynamics
Airlines Strategic Planning and Operations Management

Dr. Frederick R. Chang

Cyber Security

Adam Cohen

Laboratory for Additive Manufacturing, Robotics, and Automation

Dr. Frank Coyle

Software Engineering

Dr. James G. Dunham

Data Compression
Cryptography and Data Security
Information Theory
Communications and Telecommunications

Dr. Margaret Dunham

Spatial Data Mining
Mobile Computing

Jennifer Dworak 

Correct Operation of Integrated Circuits and Systems through Advances in Manufacturing Test and Online Error Detection

Usama El Shamy

Multiscale modeling of geotechnical systems
Computational geomechanics using Discrete Element Method and Finite Element Method
Numerical modeling of flood-induced erosion
Dynamic soil-foundation-structure interaction
Characterization of the thermal conductivity of granular soils
Model-based simulations in undergraduate education
Integration of remote major research instrumentation in undergraduate education

Dr. Daniel W. Engels

RFID Security and Applications
RFID Security
Wireless Communications
Mobile Computing
Security and Privacy Policy
Data Analytics
Supply Chain Management
Computer Aided Design (CAD) 

Dr. Donald E. Evans

Software Engineering

Ping Gui

High-speed and low-power circuits design
RF and milli-meter (mm) wave (60GHz above) IC design
Highly-reliable circuits designed for harsh environment
Low-power IC design for medical applications
3D IC thermal modeling and testing
High-performance analog-to-digital converters (ADC) design

Ira Greenberg 

Creative Computation
Digital Humanities

Dr. Michael Hahsler

Data Mining
Information systems
Software Engineering

Dr. LiGuo Huang

Software Process
Mining Software Engineering Repositories
Software Quality/Information Dependability Assurance
Software Modeling
Empirical Software Engineering

Yildrim Hürmüzlü

Dynamic systems
Medical visualization
Vibration suppression

Radovan Kovacevic

Sensing and control of manufacturing processes
Rapid prototyping and manufacturing
Abrasive waterjet technology
Materials processing by high-powered laser
Sensing and control of welding processes

Paul S. Krueger

Vortex ring formation in starting and pulsed jets for application to propulsion, flow control, and biological locomotion.
Quantitative flow visualization

José Lage

Heat transfer enhancement
Cooling of electronics
Transport in porous media

Dr. Eric Larson

Structured and Semi-Supervised Machine Learning
Embedded Sensing
Ubiquitous Computing

Charles M. Lovas

Engineering design methodologies
Creativity in engineering design
Effects of team diversity on engineering productivity 

Dr. Theodore Manikas

Computer system security and reliability
computer-aided integrated circuit design
genetic algorithms

Dr. David Matula

Computer Arithmetic
Peer to Peer Network Optimization

Dr. Tyler Moore

Security Economics
Cyber Security
Cyber Crime
Critical Infrastructure Protection

Dona Mularkey

Management of technology and technology policy
Teaching ME 1305 Information Technology & Society and ME 1301 Machines & Society (currently co-writing text for ME 1301)
Teaches during summers for Central Texas College on deployed U.S. Navy ships

Dr. Sukumaran Nair

Cyber Security Analytics
Software Defined NetworksFault-Tolerant Computing

Volkan Otugen

Experimental and theoretical fluid mechanics
Plasma applications to aerodynamics
Micro-optical sensor technology