The fast-growing impact ecosystem is characterized by many small, innovative organizations that operate in a highly dynamic and agile fashion. These organizations often have limited information about others in the system, their activities, potential synergies and how collaboration could result in outcomes far greater than the sum of the parts. Interviews in the southern, most marginalized, parts of Dallas have also revealed that residents and entrepreneurs that many of these organizations aim to reach do not know about the programs and services available. In short, the impact ecosystem is disjointed, in Dallas as well as in many other locations. The primary pillar of the Institute’s work is to improve all forms of access that can help enhance the ultimate impact of the ecosystem as a whole. We do this through a combination of research and action, in particular convening and developing technology based tools in collaboration with our partners.

Consortium: Through the Inclusive Economy Consortium and the Institute’s network of 60+ fellows, the Institute convenes and connects stakeholders and partners from academia, business, nonprofits and government to share experiences and to foster collaborative, interdisciplinary innovations.

Blockchain Hub: The Institute’s Blockchain and Transformational Technology Hub for an Inclusive Economy (“Blockchain Hub”) develops transformational technology based tools with the potential to enable systemic change. The Blockchain Hub was launched and has been operating in partnership with the international Blockchain Frontier Group and Fintech4Good. Tools are designed to be scalable and replicable, so they can generate transformational impact in Dallas and have the potential for use in other locations around the US and the world.

Research: The Institute’s team carries out policy relevant research to understand how global forces are affecting economic opportunities and livelihoods, with a specific focus on documenting and analyzing best practices and tested models for inclusive and sustainable economic development. See Inclusive Economy for more.