Social Entrepreneur

Social Entrepreneur

Social entrepreneurs are the link between the Hunt Institute and under-resourced communities. Social entrepreneurs directly address social needs in their communities, using entrepreneurial and earned revenue strategies. The Institute’s Social Entrepreneurs Program is focused on supporting innovative and high impact early-stage social entrepreneurs in particular, who face a complex set of interconnected challenges and a very limited support ecosystem to help overcome those challenges, both locally and globally.

Research: Survey of social entrepreneurs to better understand the challenges and obstacles they face and how to best address them. In addition, the Institute carries out ongoing research on social enterprise models and best practices.

Toolbox: The Toolbox helps early stage social entrepreneurs overcome the identified hurdles through a scalable and replicable toolbox developed by HI. The Institute is leveraging its research, along with the expertise of its fellows, IEC and the gifted and passionate students at the University, in the implementation of the Toolbox in support of early-stage social entrepreneurs.

Funding: The goal of the toolbox is to help social entrepreneurs developing viable and sustainable businesses and tap into sustainable sources of funding.

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