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Get Involved

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There are a variety of ways to get involved in our organization. 

Donate to the Institute:

You can specify which project you would like to donate to or donate to the general development fund that empowers the Institute to engage more students in their research and projects. The experiential learning that comes with hands on projects is invaluable to the development of problem solving skill sets students need as they prepare to embark into society after graduation.

Through local and global projects, the Hunt Institute develops, pilots, and scales solutions that counter the effects of poverty through regenerative development. We aim for these projects to be applicable in both urban and rural environments in order to enable inclusive economic development for all members of society. By engaging at the community level, our interdisciplinary teams seek to connect with a deeper understanding of the nuances of local context. The Institute grounds its research in the realities of our partner communities prior to working on a solution, and tests those solutions through prototypes and projects. The Institute's projects focus on three areas; resilient infrastructure, sustainable food systems, and an inclusive economy.