Adam De Jong 15 years of building design and construction experience. He studied civil engineering and construction management at Norwich University in Northfield, VT. Adam has become a craftsman of many mediums. Skilled in timber framing, post and beam, conventional framed, and compressed earth blocks methods. Adam has passionately taken on compressed earth block construction as a “true green” construction solution for the world. Adam was primary in the development of the V Lock Block design and helped to lead the team for the development of Vermeer’s BP714 – cutting edge technology in the evolution of compressed earth block construction. Continued innovations to help improve the entire compressed earth block process is what Adam keenly focuses on. Adam travels globally providing customized soil design solutions and construction training to our partners helping transform lives and communities.

Dwell Earth

Engineers Without Borders-SMU is a non-profit student organization that partners with developing communities around the world to implement sustainable water, power, sanitation, and infrastructure solutions, enabling educational and economic improvement.

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