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  • Fred Chang Welcomed

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Darwin Deason Institute for Cyber Security

The mission of the Darwin Deason Institute for Cyber Security is to advance the science, policy, application and education of cyber security through basic and problem-driven, interdisciplinary research.

Lyle School of Engineering

The SMU Lyle School of Engineering is committed to developing the new American engineer, one prepared to excel and lead in creating new economic opportunities while meeting the most difficult challenges facing society. The Lyle School maintains a steadfast focus on using engineering to address important issues both at home and around the world.

SMU Lyle Engineering Cybersecurity Recruitment Video

 The SMU Lyle School of Engineering encourages all to major in cyber security as it is not only beneficial to many companies/partners, but to our country as well. Click Video above to learn more about Lyle's cyber security program.

Research Day Poster Winners

Michael Taylor
Advisor: Mitch Thornton
Poster Title: Ransomware Detection Using Machine Learning and Physical Sensor Data
Kaitlin Smith
Advisor: Mitch Thornton
Poster Title: MUSTANG-Q: A Technology Dependent Quantum Logic Synthesis and Compilation Tool