Sponsorship Information

Visioneering 2016 Report: (pdf)
 Sponsor Information: (pdf)

Partnering with Visioneering and the Bobby B. Lyle School of Engineering allows leading companies to reach students and influencers (i.e. parents and teachers) with a positive, upbeat, and educational message about engineering and society through a one-of-a kind, high-energy event.

In addition to underwriting, sponsors take students into the exciting world of engineering and technology by displaying their latest technology at the Tech Expo and by serving as team leaders in a creative design competition rewarding outstanding designs.


Target Audiences

1,000 diverse middle school students and educators from the DFW areas at the Live Event
Corporate Exposure

  • Highly visible placement of company logo on Visioneering Web site.
  • Dedicated space for a display table at the live event allowing the sponsor to showcase technology and people.
  • Corporate sponsors will be identified in all communications to media and will be promoted as technical experts on show’s annual theme.

Opportunity to Further Relationships with Customers

Sponsors of Visioneering all share a commitment to youth and the fields of engineering and technology. Visioneering is an opportunity for sponsoring companies to strengthen existing relationships with current customers and to build new relationships with potential customers around education and community outreach. Working together, all sponsors are engaged in introducing today’s students to tomorrow’s world of engineering.

Media Exposure

Visioneering will be promoted to local television and print media with a focus on the event as well as the technologies and people being showcased by sponsors. Check out past coverage in our newsroom.

What have other Corporate Sponsors said about Visioneering?

This was a great experience. This is my first time and I'll definitely be back.

Great event. Had a lot of fun!

This was a wonderful experience. I hope Visioneering never ends as it is a fantastic tool for students.


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