Visioneering Newsroom

Visioneering Newsroom

Visioneering 2016: Photo Gallery - (2/20/2016) Photos 

Visioneering 2015: Photo Gallery - (2/7/2015) Photos

Visioneering 2014: Photo Gallery - (2/22/2014) Photos

Visioneering 2013: Photo Gallery - (2/16/2013) Photos 

Visioneering 2012: Photo Gallery - (3/31/2012) Photos 

Visioneering 2011: Photo Gallery - (2/26/2011) Photos 

Visioneering 2010: Photo Gallery - (2/20/2010) Photos 

Visioneering 2009: Photo Gallery - (2/14/2009) Photos 

Visioneering 2009: Documentary video - Energy for the Future - Visioneering brings together students, working engineers, innovators, and noted national figures from a variety of industries and businesses to celebrate the ways that engineering makes a difference in the world around us. (2/14/2009) Video 

Fox 4 News: Students Plan to Power Schools in 2030 - Southern Methodist University’s engineering department hosted a competition Saturday and encouraged more than 700 students to brainstorm about new energy sources. (2/14/2009) Video 

The Daily Campus: Engineering students take kids visioneering - Visioneering 2008 held its largest program in its eight-year history, packing Moody Coliseum with students, teachers, sponsors and members of the SMU community. (2/21/2008)

Visioneering 2008: Photo Gallery - (2/16/2008) Photos 

Visioneering 2008: Visioneering 2008 taking Dallas-area student to the Red Planet as part of National Engineers Week - SMU's annual celebration of National Engineers Week draws about 1,000 middle school students to campus to learn more about engineering. (2/16/2008)

Visioneering 2007: Photo Gallery - (2/16/2007) Photos 

The Daily Campus: Annual Visioneering expo to examine 'Athletics of the Future' - What do athletics and engineering have in common? On Saturday, these two interests will merge in the annual Visioneering event hosted by Southern Methodist University. (4/28/2006)

Update Promising a Future: Young engineers win jobs from Lockheed - Lockheed Martin had something special for 10 prizewinners in Visioneering 2005 -- guaranteed jobs if they graduate with engineering degrees. "All these students are interested in math and science, which means Lockheed is interested in them," says Lockheed spokeswoman Whitney Strauss... (3/3/2005)

Dallas Morning News: Youngsters Design 'Entertainment Of Tomorrow' At Program - Hundreds of junior high and middle school students from Fort Worth to Frisco spent Saturday at Southern Methodist University envisioning and designing entertainment systems of the future... (2/19/2005)

Visioneering 2004: Photo Gallery - (2/6/2004) Photos 

Visioneering 2003: Photo Gallery - (2/7/2003) Photos 

Visioneering 2003: National Engineers Week event at SMU highlights contributions of engineers to the emergency room - SMU highlights contributions of engineers and their life saving technologies in the emergency room. (1/17/2003)

Visioneering 2002: Photo Gallery - (2/16/2002) Photos 

Visioneering 2002: Area students to get preview of new advanced technologies during National Engineers Week event at SMU - The event will include a design project in which students and practicing engineers will work in teams to create future modes of transportation. (2/11/2002)