Professional Development

The Infinity Project is pleased to announce its newly redesigned professional development institutes (PDIs). This major component of the program has been designed to equip middle school and high school teachers with the skills and tools to design project, problem, and experiential STEM learning experience and in a highly interactive environment.


The first day of the weeklong institute explores the principles of project-based learning (PBL) and it differs from traditional approaches. This portion of the institute will also cover the elements of a well-designed PBL and how to effectively launch, scaffold, and assess student learning using this instructional methodology. Teachers will also garner strategies that allow them to create a culture in their classroom that promotes inquiry and solutions-based outcomes. By the end of this first day, teachers will have developed an authentic and relevant open-ended design challenge that brings the complexity of STEM to life. 


The remainder of institute will provide teachers the opportunity to experience five examples of engineering design challenges in the areas of electrical, coding and mechanical engineering. It includes instruction in the use of the tools, software, and instructional materials recommended for the engineering design challenges. It also provides teachers with a deeper understanding of the engineering, math and science concepts reinforced throughout the curriculum.


Participants receive instructional materials available for each engineering design challenge covered in the PDI. Please see the Curriculum page for further details. 

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Title: Design Practices that Promote STEM Learning Experiences
Location: SMU Campus,  Dallas, TX 
Intended Audience: Middle school and high school math, science, or technology teachers or district and school administrators.

PDI Dates:


    Middle School:

   none scheduled at this time.


    High School:

  none scheduled at this time.


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Payment may be made by credit card, school purchase order, or institutional check.

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