The Infinity Project curriculum is comprised of STEM design challenges in areas of engineering such as electrical, mechanical and civil engineering. The open-ended, authentic and relevant design challenges allow students the opportunity to apply their critical thinking, design and problem-solving skills. challenges average three weeks in length and assumes one class period daily.

Developed by an expert team including leaders in engineering education, industry experts, faculty, and educators, the Infinity Project curriculum helps students quickly understand how science, technology, engineering and math concepts they have learned apply to real-life challenges in the world around them.

This summer and fall, the Infinity Project will offer the first of many STEM design challenges specifically designed for middle school and high school. Each challenge will include instructional support materials that make it easy for teachers to implement the curriculum into their technology, math or science classroom. In addition to the content background about engineering, the program will provide materials that support a pedagogy, project-based learning, that allows students to actively be involved in their learning and engage in inquiry based approaches to solving a problem.

The Infinity Project curriculum includes the following components:

Instructor Support Materials

  • Stem Design Challenge Summary Sheet
  • Instructor Guide - learning objectives, instructional strategies, driving questions, content standards (TEKS, CCSS, NGSS), industry standards, career pathways, formative assessments (checkpoints), success skills
  • Assessment Map - Formative and Summative
  • Rubric
  • Calendar

  Background Content

  • Content Manual - Instructor and Student 
  • Activity and Exercise sheets - Master and Key
  • Presentation Slides
  • Vocabulary
  • Assessments - Master and Key
  • Supply and Equipment List

Access to the curriculum materials on-line is available with a purchase of a curriculum license for each design challenge needed per teacher.  All will be available this summer for download with the purchase of the curriculum license. A discount is available for the purchase of four or more design challenges. Printed copies of the student manuals for each design challenge will also available for purchase.

Click on the links below for a brief description of each challenge.

The prices listed are subject to change without notice.

Middle School

Robots are Coming!
Mechanical Engineering


Asteroid Mining: Getting of the Rock
Mechanical Engineering


Stronger, Faster, Healthier: Understanding the Cardiovascular System
Electrical Engineering


Traffic Signal Timing at Isolated Roadway Intersections
Civil Engineering


High School

Mars Rover Challenge
Mechanical Engineering


Ballistics Challenge: "On Target"
Mechanical Engineering


Wearable Technology for Personal Health Tracking
Electrical Engineering


Traffic Signal Timing at Isolated Roadway Intersections
Civil Engineering



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