SMU Biometrics Research Program

What is a biometric?

A biometric is a physical or behavioral characteristic that can be used to identify a person. Our biometrics research program is focused primarily on iris recognition. We are developing new computer algorithms for iris recognition, and evaluating these for performance and speed. We are also porting the algorithms to microprocessor systems.

Why are biometrics systems important?

Since 9/11, our nation has realized that our safety is at greater risk than ever before.  With biometrics systems in place at our nation's borders, airports, office buildings, etc.--we are taking the extra steps necessary to preserve the safety of our country and its citizens.  Biometrics systems are also used in business to preserve proprietary information, provide local access control for employees, and to maintain a safe work environment.

The Iris Recognition Project at SMU

Dr. Delores M. Etter has partnered with her colleagues from the United States Naval Academy to collaborate on an open architecture design for collecting irises for biometrics databases.  Through this collaboration, SMU students are able to learn and work with sophisticated iris recognition systems and the algorithms that ensure accuracy of the data collection.

SMU students will travel to Annapolis this summer to participate in a two-week project related to the iris recognition research.  The students will have the opportunity to visit with industry experts and government specialists working on real issues related to national security.