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At Lyle, we value staff’s contribution to our overarching mission to work for Engineering with Impact as outlined in the 2019 Strategic Plan. It is often said, “culture eats strategy for breakfast”; therefore, we support an organizational culture in which staff are viewed as partners in world-class research, innovative teaching, and unparalleled student experiences. An inclusive culture in Lyle supports professional development opportunities and career growth for staff who work across the school’s departments, institutes, and centers. 

Lyle Onboarding - Setup for Success is designed to introduce staff to people, policy and practices to equip those new, and old, to successfully do their jobs. Contact Kathy Hubbard for more information.

Moving Forward Together Plan

SMU’s “Moving Forward Together Plan” includes goals to increase diversity among the faculty ranks. The Lyle School will focus on developing a comprehensive plan to source and recruit minoritized candidates in engineering and computer science and establish systems of support for tenure and promotion that align with the University’s plan. We will invest in success by removing barriers and providing resources that position faculty for productive research, effective teaching, and impactful service.  

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Lyle Success Connections Platform

The Lyle Success Connections Platform is available for staff and faculty to connect to Lyle students and alumni. All faculty and staff have access to the Hart Leadership Assessment (HLA) and other professional development tools in the career pathways on the platform. Create an account and select faculty and staff.  Please feel free to take the HLA and review the career pathways. Email khubbard@smu.edu for coaching assistance. 

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Lyle Professional Development Fridays

In an effort to build a more inclusive and high performing culture, we are excited to launch Lyle Professional Development Fridays this July. This is an important initiative which grew out of what we heard at our listening sessions. As a community, we will take the time away from our regular duties and responsibilities to learn from one another and build skill sets to support our individual and collective goals.

The Friday agenda includes a book discussion, professional development seminars/workshops, and community committee work, and is followed by time for personal reflection

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Lyle Women

Women faculty and staff play key roles in all areas of the Lyle School. While we consistently enroll a higher percent (33%) of women in undergraduate and graduate programs, we also see women leading as deans, department chairs, directors, and program managers. We celebrate Lye Women making history every day!

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