Weekend Format Students

Each Weekend Format cohort draws together students from a wide range of academic backgrounds, industry knowledge and technical expertise from companies across the spectrum of industry: aerospace, telecommunications, finance, and health care. The opportunity to interact with this diverse and accomplished group of peers will fundamentally change your perspective and the way you approach your work, while you benefit from the academic expertise gained from the SMU Lyle curriculum.

The value of teamwork takes on new meaning during your time in Lyle's Weekend Format Program. Class projects and informal collaborations among students benefit from the shared focus on engineering and technical education. Student interaction with their fellow cohort members over the two-plus years in program provides ample opportunity to develop and expand professional networks.

Recognizing the high level of demand on our students' time by their careers, the program staff also supports students through the life of the program by cutting through red tape and assisting with administrative details, including enrollment each semester and acting as liaisons for the student when interacting with other university departments.