Sample Schedule

Degree Programs

All degrees offered through Lyle's Weekend Format Program require 10 courses, totaling 30 credit hours. No thesis is required.

Overall Schedule

Regular open enrollment groups currently take two courses each Fall Term and Spring Term, totaling four courses per calendar year. Open Enrollment groups graduate after five semesters of course work.

For groups starting during a Fall term:

Semester One: Fall (two courses)

Semester Two: Spring (two courses)

Semester Three: Fall (two courses)

Semester Four: Spring (two courses)

Semester Five: Fall (two courses)

For groups starting during a Spring term:

Semester One: Spring (two courses)

Semester Two: Fall (two courses)

Semester Three: Spring (two courses)

Semester Four: Fall (two courses)

Semester Five: Spring (two courses)

Note: Dedicated groups for employees of Lockheed Martin, Raytheon and Textron companies are targeted to begin each term with a specialized schedule that differs slightly from that of an open enrollment group. 

Summer Sessions: Weekend Format groups do not attend classes during summer terms. Special exceptions can be made for corporately affiliated groups.

Class Meetings

During each academic semester, most groups meet every other Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Groups meet a total of 10 times during each semester in the program: five times for each course taken.