General Questions

Students in the Weekend Format Program earn the same Master of Science degree they would earn attending traditional campus courses. Examples would be the M.S. in Engineering Management, M.S. with a major in Systems Engineering, M.S. with a major in Software Engineering, M.S. with a major in Manufacturing Systems Management, M.S. with a major in Telecommunications and Network Engineering, and the M.S. with a major in Security Engineering.

All degrees offered through the Weekend Format Program are 30-hour degrees, requiring ten three-semester-hour courses.

Course Catalog

Typically weekend format cohorts launch in the fall semester (August) if minimum enrollment requirement is met.

Five semesters for an open enrollment group. Groups exclusive to certain corporations can have a customized schedule that exceeds five semesters.

The primary differences are the scheduling format, teaching style, and existence of a peer group that students will be with for the entirety of their degree. A group of students is admitted to the program and completes it together, all taking the same courses. Courses for groups are taught in five full-day sessions on Saturdays, giving students the same number of class hours as in traditionally delivered three-hour courses taught on campus or delivered through the school's distance education program. Instructors’ teaching styles will typically be more interactive and less lecture-driven in the Weekend Format Program. Some instructors may use more case-study or other experiential teaching approaches; others may have in-class exercises and group activities. Otherwise, in terms of the courses taught and material covered, there is no difference between Weekend Format, campus, and distance education courses.

Yes, please contact Sabrina Gonzalez at 214-768-4395 or for more information.