Organization of Classes Questions

Courses are taught over five Friday/Saturday sessions beginning at the start of the academic term. Each term features two scheduled courses for a total of 10 class sessions.

The minimum group size is 12 students, the maximum group size is 25 students.

Yes. There will be orientation session prior to the first semester that will take place in the evening.

Although the 10-course curriculum for each group is predetermined by the academic department, the Weekend Format program cannot predict the exact sequence courses will be offered to any specific group. The sequencing of courses is determined based on a natural progression of courses in the curriculum, instructor availability and department desire to teach a specific topic in a given semester.

As many as in a traditionally delivered class: approximately 40 contact hours per semester. That is achieved through five eight-hour course meetings for each course taken in a semester.

This is left to the discretion of the individual instructor. Most instructors rely on in-class testing or major projects for this purpose. Much like they would for their traditional on-campus course sections.

This also is left to the discretion of the individual instructor.

Most will be the same faculty that regularly teach on the main SMU campus, although their teaching approaches may differ significantly from those used on campus and by distance education instructors. A very small number of adjunct professors teach exclusively in the Weekend Format at SMU.

Most of the adjunct faculty are either in industry now or have significant industry experience. Additionally, many of the full-time faculty have also worked in industry prior to their entry into academia.

No. Classes go through the program together as a group. If circumstances cause you to drop out, you will most likely mean you will need to use traditional campus courses or distance education courses to take the remaining classes for your degree.

Most likely not. Once an Weekend Format group is launched, the school will make every effort to run that group to completion of its degree plan. If a group falls to six or less students due to attrition, it may be possible that the remaining students will be accommodated with distance education courses to complete their degree.

Yes. The Lyle School of Engineering allows up to six hours of transfer credit at the discretion of the department.

No. All students in a given group will take the same set of classes that have been pre-selected by the department.