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  • Lead Competence

    To profitably produce a high quality, fuel efficient compact, a domestic automaker retools a legacy factory with the latest in computer integrated manufacturing technology.
    To speed development and manage quality, a semiconductor manufacturer brings production back to the U.S. and collocates it with design and engineering.
    To develop an innovative aircraft design, a team of engineers start a new, entrepreneurial business unit within an established aerospace manufacturer.

  • Process Solutions

    Oil spills damaging seaports, beaches, and ecological communities.

    Health care systems masking patient data.

    Humanitarian response gaps endangering displaced populations.

  • Transform Business

    Have you noticed?  The keys to the CEO suite are being offered to executives with an engineering degree.  It just makes sense.  As even non-technology companies depend on high-technology processes for production, distribution, and communication, their directors are deciding that only someone with an engineering background stands a chance of staying ahead of the curve.

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At SMU, we’re engineering leaders … shaping tomorrow. Enrollment is limited. Apply today.


Each fall term, the Lyle School of Engineering offers dedicated groups just for employees of Textron companies studying toward the M.S. Systems Engineering, M.S. Security Engineering, and M.S. Manufacturing Systems Management.

Systems Engineering

Developed by Dr. Jerrell Sracener, the Systems Engineering Program at SMU is unique in its focus, faculty, curriculum, and partnerships.  From its inception in 1994, the Systems Engineering Program has developed around the particular needs of the aerospace and defense industry.  Because of this, we've enjoyed active collaboration and expert guidance form the U.S. DoD and systems engineering practitioners.  The fact that most of our students and faculty work in the nation's aerospace and defense community, both industry and government, and hold DoD security clearances adds even greater depth to this challenging program.

Click here for PDF of program details.

New group launches are subject to sufficient enrollment of at least 12 admitted students.

Security Engineering

Government organizations, industries, and society as a whole, are incredibly dependent on their information infrastructure, storage, and networks. Sabotage into information resources of almost any government agency, especially the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Defense, or the Department of Commerce will compromise, if not paralyze, its functioning. Among industry, any enterprise that stores of transmits financial or personal data is most susceptible to breaches in information security – good targets with severe implications – and any transaction-based enterprise is susceptible to losing business if the transactions are compromised in any way for any length of time. Health care, financial and insurance sectors are good examples of those most effected by information safety or lack thereof. With the enormous penetration of e-commerce, even individual consumers are affected by disruptions or unauthorized access which render their information assets vulnerable. 

To address these ever-increasing challenges, SMU Lyle’s M.S. Security Engineering focuses on educating individuals who can design secure systems and applications, protecting both private and public information and complex communications infrastructures that demand security assurance.

Click here for a PDF of program details.

New group launches are subject to sufficient enrollment requirement of at least 12 admitted students.

Manufacturing Systems Management

Manufacturing organizations of every kind, from startups to multinationals, need engineering leaders with a balance of technical expertise and management skills to lead their operations at the VP level and above.  This is the focus of the curriculum developed for the Master's degree program at SMU Lyle.  In this 30-hour offering, students explore ongoing developments in manufacturing technology and concepts such as Six Sigma, disruptive innovation, sustainability, and globalization.  They acquire a more encompassing knowledge of business, including marketing, finance, intellectual property law, and entrepreneurism.  They learn the principles of leadership, the metrics of success, and they emerge uniquely qualified to contribute to the revitalization of manufacturing in America.

Click here for a PDF of program details.

New group launches are subject to sufficient enrollment of at least 12 admitted students.  Lockheed Martin MSM groups are independent of the regular open enrollment MSM program.

At Lyle, we are cognizant of students from Textron companies wanting to balance the cost of a degree from SMU against the tuition assistance offered by their employer's Educational Assistance Program. To do so, Lyle attempts to spread the schedule of ten courses for a group of Bell employees to balance the out-of-pocket expense of the student against the generous funding provided by their company.

For students starting in a Fall term:

Term  Total Courses Taken Total Tuition Cost Paid in Current Year  Annual EA Budget Textron Student Cost 
 Fall  2  $8,400  $8,400
 $10,000  $0
 Spring  2  $8,400  $8,400  $10,000  $0
 Fall  2  $8,400  $4,200  $1,600  $2,600
 Spring  2  $8,400+$4,200 (carried forward from previous Fall)   $12,600  $10,000  $2,600
 Fall  2  $8,400  $0  $0  $0
 Spring  0  $0+$8,400 (carried forward from previous Fall)  $8,400  $10,000  $0

*Based on understanding of Textron Education Assistance program with budget renewal taking place on Jan.1 of each year and the fact that Weekend Format is deferred until about 45 days after the end of each semester.

Special Note: Lockheed employees who wish to make faster degree progress may still opt to join an open enrollment cohort instead of this Lockheed-only group. Those cohorts take four courses per calendar year and finish their degree in five semesters.

Cohorts meet from 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. on the class meeting day.

Systems Engineering


10 Courses
Course 1 Systems Analysis Methods
Course 2 Systems Engineering Process
Course 3
Integrated Risk Management
Course 4
Systems Reliability, Supportability and Availability Analysis
Course 5
Systems Integration and Test
Course 6
Systems Engineering Design*
Course 7
Software Systems Engineering *
Course 8
Systems Engineering Leadership*
Course 9
Logistics Systems Engineering *
Course 10
Systems Engineering Tools

*Electives subject to change by department

Security Engineering


 10 coursers   
 Course 1  Computer Systems Engineering
 Course 2  Operating Systems and Systems Software 
 Course 3  Data And Network Security 
 Course 4  Software Security 
 Course 5  Software Testing and Quality Assurance 
 Course 6  Advanced Network and System Security* 
 Course 7  Advanced Software Security* 
 Course 8  Information Systems Security Engineering* 
 Course 9  Border and Transportation Security* 
 Course 10  Digital Forensics* 

*Electives subject to change by department

Manufacturing Systems Management

10 Courses  
Course 1
Entrepreneurship and Business Development in Manufacturing
Course 2
Organizational Leadership
Course 3
Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems
Course 4
Manufacturing Methods and Systems
Course 5
Manufacturing Management
Course 6
Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma
Course 7 Strategies for Manufacturing Firms
Course 8
Global Manufacturing
Course 9
Innovation Management
Course 10
Finance and Manufacturing Enterprise
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