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    Imagination...Creativity...Business Savvy...Analytical Thinking...

    At SMU's Lyle School of Engineering, we stay attuned to the best, most progressive innovators in technology and business through long-standing, established relationships with preeminent Fortune 100 and Fortune Global 500 corporations.

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Earn your master's degree attending class on the weekends!

Busy professionals are opting for a Master of Science degree from Lyle Engineering through the Weekend Format Program. Established in 2002, the Weekend Format offering is geared for professionals juggling work/life, while balancing the rigors of pursuing a graduate degree. Classes meet every other Friday during the fall and spring terms, with the entire program spanning five semesters. Learning takes place in a seminar-style environment with teams working on real-world projects with industry-savvy instructors.

The Weekend Format Program is carefully designed to meet student requirements. This program delivers the ideal blend of classroom instruction and practical knowledge, resulting in opportunities for growth and learning―setting the pace for new avenues of career advancement in management, government, or entrepreneurial ventures.

Participants have access to an exceptional network of students, professors, and corporate advisers. The Weekend Format Program imparts essential knowledge for today’s technology-driven world, creating engineering leaders, shaping tomorrow.

The Lyle School of Engineering is a selective, premier center of learning for aspiring technology professionals. We’ve developed a reputation for providing programs that go beyond the basics―programs that produce the truly imaginative and innovative leaders needed by existing and emerging techno-businesses.
  • Classes are taught by renowned SMU Lyle Engineering faculty and adjunct faculty at centrally located DFW locations.
  • Group formats create an interactive learning environment for faculty and students.
  • Set schedule of courses that are designed for working professionals.

Students in this program are part of a group learning environment and therefore complete the entire curriculum as a unified group. This format allows participants to develop relationships that extend beyond the classroom, providing ongoing opportunities for networking, support, and personal friendships. In addition, the collaborative relationship between students and faculty enhances the academic experience.

Representatives from the Lyle Engineering graduate programs work closely with students to ensure that all logistical, enrollment and support needs are met. This allows students to maintain focus on their studies while balancing their responsibilities and interests at work and home.

Special Notice

Meningitis Vaccination Requirement: Texas State Law effective January 1, 2012 – Any entering student at any Texas college or university who is under 22 years old must be immunized for meningitis before attending classes (and must have received the vaccine within the preceding 5 years and at least 10 days prior to the first class day) or provide exemption information. Information on submitting your immunization records or request for a waiver is provided by the SMU Memorial Health Center.

Sabrina Gonzalez
Sabrina Gonzalez
Associate Director Graduate Education and Recruitment
Distance, Military, Campus, and Weekend Formats 
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