Lyle Accelerated Pathways

A Lyle Engineering master’s degree helps you in the job market―more money, more responsibility, more contacts, and more options for your future. Take the time now to become a leader in engineering.

  • Earn both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in less time than completing the degrees separately.
  • Start exploring this option in the spring of your sophomore year and apply to the program early in your junior year.
  • Begin taking graduate-level coursework that will be applied to both the bachelor’s and master’s degrees (up to 9 hours).
  • Network with your graduate-level classmates who have years of experience to share with you.

Work and Study Options for Master’s Classes

Undergraduates with co-ops and job offers can work and study at the same time. Your graduate coursework can be completed through evening classes on campus and/or distance education. Lyle Engineering offers convenient and flexible options for working professionals who are continuing their education in Dallas and across the nation.

Accelerated Pathways Leadership and Service Scholarship Information

The Lyle School of Engineering offers Accelerated Pathways Degree Program scholarships worth up to 75% of fifth-year tuition. Depending on your GPA and volunteer and leadership contributions to the Lyle School, up to 75% of the tuition of your 7 Lyle graduate level Accelerated Pathways courses in a Lyle graduate program could be covered. The Accelerated Pathways Leadership and Service Scholarship is only applicable to Lyle School of Engineering master's level programs and not to other graduate programs at SMU.

  • 3.750-3.899   SMU GPA could earn a scholarship of 50% tuition - does not include student fee charges.
  • 3.900-4.000   SMU GPA could earn a scholarship of 75% tuition - does not include student fee charges.

How to Apply

Please note: The Accelerated Pathways Leadership and Service Scholarship is not awarded until the bachelor's degree has been conferred.  The scholarship is awarded based on the student’s cumulative SMU undergraduate GPA at the time of graduation with the undergraduate degree AND contributions to the Lyle School of Engineering via volunteer work and leadership activities.  The scholarship covers tuition (not student fees) for the seven (7) additional Lyle graduate courses required for the first master's degree received.

Eight (8) hours per semester of documented volunteer and leadership work per semester is the minimum requirement in addition to the GPA requirement.  Seniors should have completed 48 hours of volunteer/leadership activity by the time of graduation for the undergraduate degree.  Students currently in the SMU Lyle's undergraduate program need to inquire about their specific volunteer commitments.

At the end of the undergraduate program, the application is submitted and will be reviewed by the Accelerated Pathways Leadership and Service Scholarship Committee.  All leadership and volunteer activity will be verified by the offices which supervised the activity.

If you are interested in the Accelerated Pathways Accelerated Master’s Degree Program, you need to apply to the Lyle graduate program in which you are interested. Indicate that you wish to be evaluated as a Accelerated Pathways program candidate.

Accelerated Pathways Program Application Forms

Please submit completed scholarship applications to:
Jim Dees
257 Caruth Hall

Admission Requirements

  1. Be enrolled in an undergraduate program in the Lyle School of Engineering
  2. Achieved junior-level status
  3. Apply no later than one year prior to the time you would graduate with a bachelor degree
  4. Have an overall undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or higher
  5. Be accepted into the desired M.S. program

Master’s Degree Requirements

  1. Have a cumulative graduate GPA of 3.0 in the master degree course work (including the graduate course work applied towards the undergraduate degree requirements)
  2. Complete a minimum of 21 term-credit hours of graduate coursework at SMU
  3. You must complete all requirements for the master level degree after completion of bachelor degree requirements.  You are required to be enrolled in at least 1 term solely as a graduate student.