Current Students

Our staff is here to help you further your academic studies during your time at the Lyle School of Engineering. Whether you are a traditional student studying on campus, a distance education student located across the globe, or a student in the Engineering Leaders Masters Series we want to provide resources for your success. 

Lyle Modified Grading Policy for Spring 2020

“Upon recommendation of the Lyle AAC, the faculty of the Lyle School voted to keep the A-F grading scheme and in special circumstances give the students the option to petition the instructor for a change to S/S-/NC grading system considering “S” to be “B-“ or above; “S-“ to be “C+”, ”C” and “C-“; and anything below “C-“ counted as “NC”.  The grades of “S”, “S-” and “NC” have no impact on GPA. The deadline for change of grade petition is two business days after the end of the semester (May 16th). This petition needs to be approved by the instructor, Department Chair and Dean, similar to the change of grade process. “S” satisfies the pre-requisite requirement; students should consult with the department or their academic advisor to see if “S-“ satisfies the pre-requisite requirement.”

Resources for Current Students

  • Enrollment Instructions
    Information for current students about enrolling in courses for the current term.
  • Degree Plans
    Listing of degree plans offered by the Lyle School of Engineering.
  • Forms
    Needed forms for admission to candidacy, thesis submission, transfer of graduate credits, etc.
  • Policies
    Policies regarding tuition payment and refunds.
  • Fast Track Second Master's
    Take advantage of degree-requirement overlaps to acquire a second Masters degree by taking as few as six courses (18 semester credit hours).
  • Distance Education Students
    Links to streaming class videos and distance education downloads.
  • Weekend Format Students
    Some helpful links and information for current Weekend Format students