Engineering Entrepreneurship Resources

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  • On Campus

    Get involved on campus. Find out where students, faculty, and entrepreneurs meet, attend events, work on projects, form clubs, find funding, and engage with speakers.

    Engineering Entrepreneurship Resources
  • Courses

    Southern Methodist University offers a  broad selection of courses for aspiring entrepreneurs covering startups, business ethics, attracting capital, and more.

    Engineering Entrepreneurship Resources
  • Advanced Degree

    SMU’s new Master of Science in Engineering Entrepreneurship is designed to develop a cadre of engineers who look at the role of technology in society through a business lens, helping to fill the demand for managers and entrepreneurs to start and lead new technology ventures. 

  • Distinguished Speaker Series

    In 1961 while working for Texas Instruments, Dr. James R. Biard filed a patent which led to the first commercial LED product….He was paid exactly $1 for this accomplishment!  Hear his story. Monday, May 1st, 3:00 p.m., Palmer Conference Center, Caruth Hall.

  • Glossary

    Searching for a precise term? Unsure of the meaning of a term in context? Bookmark and refer to the glossary for clarity—or read it all for enjoyment!

    Engineering Entrepreneurship Resources