Annie Basler

Name: Annie Basler

Hometown: St. Louis, MO
Major: Mechanical Engineer with a Biomedical Specialization

What Lyle Means to Me: My last three years at the Bobby B. Lyle School of Engineering have been a blur of homework, projects, labs, and tests. Life as an engineering student is chaotic; it is full of lab practicals, challenging questions, and calculators that sporadically decide not to work. There are days when I feel completely overwhelmed and days when I ask myself why I choose such a challenging major. But when I sit down and ask myself these questions, the answer is always the same, I love it. I love the intellectual challenge and the academic puzzle that comprises engineering. I love the countless activities and opportunities offered at Lyle. And I love the sense of community.

The majority of engineering programs are difficult and all engineering programs expect students to study. As a third year mechanical engineer with a biomedical specialization, I have spent countless hours in the library with my book and a calculator. But The Bobby B. Lyle Engineering School gives engineering students the opportunity to be more than a stereotypical engineer. Lyle encourages students to take public speaking courses, learn business principles, become involved around school and to have friends. Most importantly, Lyle has encouraged me to develop an appropriate balance between academics, friends, work, and extra curricular events. This balance is difficult to maintain but it has allowed to uphold my scholarship and experience a fun and healthy college life. While studying at Lyle, I have served as a Lyle Ambassador, attended Lyle Scholar events, contributed to the Society of Women Engineers, participated in the Lyle Homecoming float building, and worked for the Dean of the Engineering School. These opportunities have allowed me to fully embrace every aspect that Lyle has to offer, from career and internship advice, to dinner parties with alumnus, to homecoming activities, there is always a way to be involved at Lyle.

Furthermore, Lyle is a community that takes care of each other in all aspects. My fellow classmates intellectually challenge me each day, pushing me to learn more and be a better student. It has been academically competitive yet my classmates are always willing to stop and answer questions. My teachers have been equally as encouraging. During my first semester at Lyle I was unable to attend office hours so, my teacher gave up his lunch hour to answer questions. We would sit in his office and as I solved problems he ate his lunch. The majority of my teachers at Lyle have been equally as accommodating, helpful, and encouraging. I still speak with many of my previous teachers and can always go to them for school or career advice.

Over the last three years, the engineering school has been more than just an academic institution, it has been an adopted home. Lyle has academically challenged me but always encouraged me lead a balanced and happy lifestyle.