ME Faculty Research

Current ME faculty research areas include the following:

Yildrim Hürmüzlü
Dynamic systems
Robotics, medical visualization, and vibration suppression

Radovan Kovacevic
Sensing and control of manufacturing processes
Rapid prototyping and manufacturing
Abrasive waterjet technology
Materials processing by high-powered laser
Sensing and control of welding processes 

Paul S. Krueger
Vortex ring formation in starting and pulsed jets for application to propulsion, flow control, and biological locomotion.
Quantitative flow visualization 

José Lage
Heat transfer enhancement
Cooling of electronics
Transport in porous media 

Charles M. Lovas
Engineering design methodologies
Creativity in engineering design
Effects of team diversity on engineering productivity

Dona Mularkey
Management of technology, and technology policy
Teaching ME 1305 Information Technology & Society and ME 1301 Machines & Society (currently co-writing text for ME 1301)
Teaches during summers for Central Texas College on deployed U.S. Navy ships 

Volkan Otugen
Experimental and theoretical fluid mechanics
Plasma applications to aerodynamics
Micro-optical sensor technology 

Peter E. Raad
Adaptive thermal modeling and laser-based measurements of submicron electronic devices
Tsunami mitigation and fluid wave interactions with solid structures 

Edmond Richer 
Medical robotics, especially applications in minimally Invasive, natural orifice, and image guided surgery. 
Advanced imaging techniques

Wei Tong
Biomechanics and biomaterials
Plasticity and its engineering applications
Micromechanics study of materials
Digital image correlation strain mapping techniques

David A. Willis
Experimental, time-resolved diagnostics of short pulse-width laser ablation and micromachining processes
Debris-free laser micromachining of thin metal films 

Adam Cohen 
Multi-material additive manufacturing
Soft robotics
Printed Electronics