Back Left to Right: Pouria Razzaghi, Matt Galla, Ehab Al Khatib, Adam Cox.
Front Left to Right: Khalid Alluhydan, Edmond Richer, Yldirim Hurmuzlu, Amir Zamanian
2016-2017 Senior Design Groups
Left to Right: Andrew Warren, Umang Thanki, Carlos Luis Garcia, Todd Danner.
Missing from photo: Rebekah Davis, Nick Hook, Gwen Ward, John Lujano, Betsy Ehmcke


Professor Yildirim Hurmuzlu
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Ph.D., Drexel University, 1987
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Current Students

Adam Cox
Ph.D. Student 

Pouria Razzaghi
Ph.D. Student

Ehab Al Khatib
Ph.D. Candidate



Left to Right: Joe Zoghzoghy, Behzad Taheri, Adam Cox, Elena Borzova, Anton Ephanov, Edmond Richer, Yildrim Hurmuzlu, Shide Razzaghi, Pouria Razzaghi, Ehab Al Khatib.


Khalid Alluhydan
Graduated in May 2019

Mohammad Kashki
Graduated in May 2016
Current Position: Chief Scientist at Krypton Solutions
Dissertation: Dynamics and Control of Inertially Actuated Maneuvers and Locomotion of Robotic Systems


Ahmad Alshorman
Graduated in May 2015
Dissertation: Dynamics and control of particle based, chain mechanism
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Junkai Zhao
Graduated With Master in May 2014

Joe Zoghzoghy
Graduated in December 2013
Dissertation: Inertially Actuated Baton Locomotor

Mohamed Gharib
Graduated in May 2011
Dissertation: Theory of Multiple Impacts and its Application to Energy Absorption and Attenuation of Shock Induced Vibrations

Ali Tavakoli
Graduated in May 2011
Current position: Product Design Engineer at Apple
Dissertation: Gravity Powered Locomotion and Active Control of a Family Tree of Robotic Mechanisms

Philip Thomas Shimon
Principal research scientist, Raytheon, USA
Graduated in May 2003
Dissertation: Advanced Control Methodologies for Suppression of Vibration on Aircraft Skin

Marius Raducanu
Lynntech, College Station, USA
Graduated in May 2003
Dissertation: Solving the Delay Problem in Master-Slave Mechanisms

Elena V. Borzova
Lecturer, SMU, Dallas, TX, USA
Graduated in Aug 2002
Dissertation: Using Passive Models to Develop Low Torque Controller for Bipedal Locomotion
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Cuneyt Yilmaz
Assistant Professor, Mechatronics Dept, Yildiz Technical University, Istanbul, Tukey
Graduated in Dec 2000
Dissertation: Solving Multi-Impact Problems Using Impulse Transmission Ratio

Edmond Richer
Associate Professor, SMU, Dallas, TX, USA
Graduated in May 1999
Dissertation: Using Innovative Control Algorithms for Better Design of Force Actuators
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Anton V. Ephanov

Graduated in Aug 1997
Dissertation: Sensory Feedback for Haptic Interfaces: Implementation and Evaluation

Dan Stoianovici
Professor, John Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD, USA
Graduated in May 1996
Dissertation: A Dynamic Compartments Method for Link Identification of Robotic Manipulators
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Cagatay Basdogan
Professor, Koc University, Istanbul, Turkey
Graduated in Aug 1994
Dissertation: Experimental and Theoretical Analyses of Nonlinear Dynamics of Human Gait
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Dan Marghitu
Professor, Auburn University, AL, USA
Graduated in Aug 1994
Dissertation: Dynamics of Frictional Impact in Rigid Multibody Systems
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Ipek Basdogan
Associate Professor, Koc University, Istanbul, Turkey
Graduated in 1994
MS Degree
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