The Board for Knowledge

Board Challenges:

Connect universities, schools, corporations, trade associations, professional organizations, and governmental agencies to meet the national objectives for global leadership and workforce development

Promote comprehensive, competency and expertise-based curricula development. Open doors to training and educational opportunities for on-demand responsibilities to industry's challenges

Share scientific, technical, and business problems for applied research solutions and educational case studies  

Inaugurate engineering centers for global collaboration and product innovation, development,and realization 

Foster partnerships and influencers of the 21st Century who will set the pace for world systems educationally, economically, and technologically

Board Responsibilities:

Integrate industrial mission and educational direction

Map program content and instructional design

Promote access to the latest advancements in the body of knowledge

Scan the environment for emerging trends and opportunities

Guide portfolio innovation and fulfillment

Cultivate resources for dynamic and interactive learning experiences

Champion R&D opportunities and maintain funding agendas with stakeholders

Assess market shifts, key players, and market share

Optimize the transfer of knowledge and technology

Share best practices and lessons learned

Pioneer, stimulate, and assess criteria for programatic successes

Sustain ongoing processes for continuous improvement

Shape the future

Fill the pipeline

Think strategically to lead the world