Tabatha Olachea

Name: Tabatha Olaechea
Major: B.S. Management Science, 2004
Currently Working at: Replay Sports Monthly, Franchise Sports Marketing (now merged with ENVY Publications)

I currently work for Replay Sports Monthly, a DFW Sports & Lifestyle Publication, and for a Sports Marketing Agency called Franchise Sports Marketing. With Franchise Sports I work directly with the founder and president of the company, overseeing all the marketing aspects of current and new contracts and deals we have set in place for our players. We mainly represent Dallas Stars hockey players and Texas Rangers players. With Replay Sports Monthly, I am the advertising and sales coordinator, overseeing all aspects of ad content in the magazine, advertising contracts, and producing events with sponsors and advertisers of the publication.

I initially entered engineering because it ran in the family and figured it would be a great career to have… it was hard, but totally worth it! I would absolutely recommend EMIS! I changed my major from EE to EMIS, during my last year at SMU because I wanted to have some knowledge of the business world as well as engineering. EMIS was the perfect solution because it was still in the School of Engineering but still had the business and business management aspects that I wanted to learn about. I can now work with technical people but can also relate to the businessman that doesn’t know anything about the technical aspects; it’s great…and apparently it’s rare to find. Having studied engineering has really opened a lot of doors for me because employers perceive you as an analytical thinker, problem solver, and someone that can pick things up quickly, in addition to knowing business aspects...They love it!