Sky Noyd

Name: Sky Noyd
Major: B.S. Management Science, 2008
Currently Working at: Accenture

Basically, I work with the client to gain understanding of how they currently operate their business. I then work with them to understand where they would like to be. This could be anything from downsizing to expanding globally. I then work with my team at Accenture to design and build a system to meet their demand. Five months out of college I never thought I could have these sort of experiences with the largest companies in the world.

I would recommend management science as a major. You gain a sound understanding of business optimization. Whether its a supply chain problem or a financial problem, I feel that my degree had provided me with the tools necessary to compete in the world TODAY. Also, I the curriculum was very flexible. I was able to obtain degrees in management science, mathematics, and economics. All in four years. You won’t find that flexibility anywhere else.