Rachel Potter Goodman

RachelName: Rachel Potter Goodman
Major: B.S. Management Science, 2006
Currently Working at: Raytheon Corp.

I have had the AMAZING opportunity to be part of Raytheon’s Leadership Development Program in the contracts and business development functions upon receiving my B.S. in both management science and mathematics in May 2006.

The LDP is a two-year rotational program focusing on professional development, contracts specific training courses, leadership development through seminars and mentoring with upper-management, cross-functional training and interaction, exposure to more than 20 different Raytheon facilities and all six businesses, and networking with both Raytheon’s internal and external customers.

Also, while I was in the LDP program, Raytheon supported my desire for advanced education and helped fund my MSEM degree from SMU. Because of the 4+1 program SMU offers I was able to graduate in May 2007.

In May 2008, I graduated the LDP program where I decided to participate in another cross-functional assignment. I am now working as a Senior Systems Engineer in Plano, TX for the Future Combat Systems Program for the U.S. Army. In my current role, I perform reliability predictions, modeling and simulation, failure analysis, and system integration for the medium range electro-optic sensor that will be placed upon the war fighter’s Army tank.

Choosing management science as my degree was one of the best and smartest decisions I have made in my career so far. What other engineering degree allows you to work on the business side and engineering side at the same company? Management science combines core engineering principles, while exposing you to the broad area of business so you are infinitely more marketable because of the depth and breadth you bring to the table.