Mica Beckman

Mica BeckmannName: Mica Beckman
Major: B.S. Management Science (2012)
Currently Working at: Texas Instruments (Dallas, TX)

I am currently a Business Analyst in the Sales & Marketing IT group at Texas Instruments. Our group is part of the larger Information Technology unit at TI and we specifically support all sales and marketing functions. This includes www.ti.com, the internal TI news site, and all online sales tools; just to name a few.

What I do on a day-to-day basis includes researching new applications, developing strategic modules and plans, requirements gathering, data collection and analysis, and extensive testing of the applications we build, although the why, what, and how changes every day and for every project. Currently I am staffed on five projects. Each project has a different customer, who comes from a different business unit and every unit has its own particular needs. Because of this I get the opportunity to learn about all aspects of business and how different units function and achieve their goals. My job requires me to come up with new and innovative ways to solve a plethora of different problems.

I would most definitely recommend management science as a major! It is such a well-rounded experience and provides real-life scenarios rather than information and skills you will never use. Having engineering and business skills has taken me much farther in a very short amount of time than I ever would have thought. The focus on teams and working with diverse groups has been the most helpful. You learn how to work with all kinds of people including the more technical thinkers and more business minded. This is not a skill most people are taught and employers seem to really value that aspect of our major!