Megan Siems

MeganName: Megan Siems
Major: B.S. Management Science, 2009; M.S. Operations Research, 2010
Currently Working at: The Walt Disney Company (Orlando, FL)

As a member of the Advanced Analytics team in the Industrial Engineering department, I support client areas all across the company in departments including merchandising, transportation, resorts, food and beverage, costuming, and new project development.

My first major project is to support the launch of a garment replenishment model for the Creative Costuming department. On both a monthly and yearly basis, the model forecasts target inventory levels for each of the costume locations across Walt Disney World in Florida, Disneyland in California, and Disneyland Paris. The inventory positions are determined through forecasted levels of demand, retired, and lost garments. I have also created a report to identify opportunities to rebalance the level of garments at each of the costuming locations, i.e., transfer excess garments to locations with shortages. Both the costume replenishment model and the rebalance report will provide the Creative Costuming department with opportunity for cost avoidance and improved inventory forecasting for monthly and yearly budgeting.

With countless opportunities at each of the Walt Disney parks and resorts to improve process efficiency, I am looking forward to working on more unique and interesting projects as I develop in my career. For more information about the types of projects the Walt Disney Industrial Engineering team focuses on, be sure to check out the “Engineering the Magic” video at

If you are an analytical thinker and would enjoy an integral role in management decision-making, then management science would be the ideal choice as a major. From being able to think critically and analyze data to obtaining invaluable experience presenting to a large group, the skill sets gained through the curriculum offered in the EMIS department have well prepared me for a successful career in the “real world.” With a degree in management science, you just might secure your own dream job, whatever it may be, just as I found my dream job working for “the mouse!”