Laura Bailey

Laura BaileyName: Laura Bailey
Major: B.S. Management Science, 2006
Currently Working at: Deloitte Consulting LLP

I initially entered into industry upon graduation at JPMorgan Chase within technology (first doing testing, then project management), but I found my roles to be less challenging than I had anticipated and I wanted a faster pace. I wanted to be able to travel and I wanted a lot of responsibility, even if I was an analyst at the bottom of the hierarchy. I didn’t know much about consulting, but I decided to apply to a few consulting firms during the fall, after graduating that previous spring. Long story short, I have now been at Deloitte for more than a year and a half. It’s great! Lots of travel, lots of opportunity (TONS!), and an amazing group of immensely talented co-workers who never hesitate to answer my questions or help me grow in the firm.

My role at Deloitte is as a Business Technology Analyst (BTA). So I am a BTA within Deloitte’s Oracle practice. At a high level, I’m a practitioner specializing in Oracle 11i E-business Suite, spanning every stage of the Order to Cash business process and I’m involved in every stage of the project lifecycle from requirements gathering to go-live. We perform large-scale, global ERP implementations for clients across all industries, specifically looking to upgrade, consolidate, or change their financial systems.

My typical week is:

  • Monday: fly out of Dallas to client site (currently staffed in the Silicon Valley, 40 minutes from San Francisco)
  • Tuesday through Thursday: Work hard and meet with clients on-site once I get in on Monday through Thursday afternoon (responsibilities include anything from helping solve/solution any business problems or customizations the client may need to managing client resources overseas to configuring the modules within the order to cash thread to building out a project plan, etc. It can be very challenging, but you learn quickly)
  • Thursday night: fly back to Dallas
  • Friday: Work from home (hopefully Friday serves as an easy day after four intense days at the client)

Also, it’s worth mentioning that I plan to attend grad school in 2010. Deloitte does not require their analysts to go to b-school, but will support and pay for those that decide to take this route. Consulting is great experience prior to entering an MBA program so I’ve been actively researching schools that I’m interested in (currently looking at Kellogg, Stern, Columbia, Tuck, and McCombs).

In summary, since management science is in the engineering school, I think there is a lot of emphasis on moving into a technical career post-college, but it’s actually kind of a hybrid degree between business and technology. Because of this, I think students graduating in management science are very marketable to consulting firms (especially Accenture, Deloitte, IBM, Bearing Point, etc.).