Kristyn Starr

K StarrName: Kristyn Starr
Major: B.S. Management Science, 2005
Currently Working at: Hitachi Consulting

My work is focused in the development and implementation of business intelligence tools for companies. “Business intelligence (BI) refers to technologies, applications and practices for the collection, integration, analysis, and presentation of business information. The purpose of business intelligence is to support better business decision-making” [Wikipedia]. Often BI is initiated by the CIO or CFO so you usually work with the IT and/or finance department and frequently work directly with the C-level executives.

Some of my interesting previous and current projects have been: Pathology Company: Release Management - This was more of a project management role. The company was rolling out a custom developed application and was experiencing communication break down between the different groups involved (third party application integration, testing, application development, report development and end users). My function was to develop a communication plan for all of the groups to understand the timeline and any issues that may affected the timeline. In addition, we were able to improve the process of users requesting features in the application.

Software Company: Planning and Forecasting Application Development and Deployment - Using a third party software as the foundation, we developed custom business rules for the company to complete their financial and workforce planning and forecasting in a web based environment. Previously they had used, literally, 1,000 Excel spreadsheets across all of the departments involved and we were able to consolidate the necessary data and business rules in the spreadsheets into a web based environment where all users could access the application. This helped with consistency and “truth” of data.

Energy Company: Data warehouse and Operations Reports Development – This company had many sources of data and had to take a long time to get operation metrics out of the sources. We created a data warehouse that brought together the different data sources and manipulated some of the data using business rules. We then created custom reports for the users to view the data from different viewpoints (region, date, etc.).

I would recommend management science to anyone interested in business and has an aptitude for logical thought process. A major in management science gives the students a basic business understanding while empowering them with the tools to help the business make better decisions using math. In addition, a major in management science allows the student to find jobs in many different fields that might interest them.