Kevin Lavelle

Name: Kevin Lavelle
Major: B.S. Management Science, 2008
President’s Scholar, 2007
Currently Working at: Oliver Wyman FZ-LLC

I work for Oliver Wyman as an analyst for the Dubai office which serves as headquarters for Oliver Wyman’s operations throughout the Middle East and Africa.

What do I do in this job? That answer literally changes every day, which makes this job even more exciting. Essentially, analysts at Oliver Wyman perform research and do analysis on a range of different topics. Your responsibilities depend entirely on the project you are staffed on and your specific role on that project. I have been responsible for research and data collection, complex quantitative and qualitative analyses, working with clients, and developing strategic models. In reality, my job changes every day, and I get to learn about all aspects of businesses from creation to redesign across a variety of companies throughout many different industries.

I would recommend management science as a major because the various components of the major come together to teach you to think critically. I would recommend that students also take as many finance and accounting classes as possible in order to build a solid foundation in business fundamentals. The most important skills coming out of university are critical thinking and problem structuring, and the classes offered in this major help develop those skills.