Katy Moffett

Moffett KathrynName: Katy Moffett
Major: B.S. Management Science, 2004
Outside hitter, SMU Women’s Volleyball
Currently Working at: Deloitte Consulting

I am working for Deloitte Consulting as a senior consultant in the Human Capital practice. I am currently on a project in New Jersey working with a company who is outsourcing their HR functions (Payroll, HR, Benefits, Recruitment, Compensation, etc.) to an outsourcing company. My role on this project is to analyze their current system requirements, document them, implement the new system, test the new system, and provide support after they have successfully transitioned to the new platform. I have also worked on a variety of other projects ranging from technical implementations of new PeopleSoft payroll systems to mapping current processes and procedures and standardizing them across business units in various countries.

I think that my degree in management science has helped me at my job because I am able to understand the technical side and the business side of my projects. While I do not work on the fully technical side of projects, my computer programming classes have helped me to understand what needs to be included in functional specifications for systems and even helped me to write some pseudo code for a very complex enhancement on a past project. My business classes have helped me to understand the business issues that drive companies. I think the degree is the perfect combination of business and technology, which enables graduates to be flexible in the types of jobs they choose after college.