Kathyrn Gotcher Michaelis

Name: Kathryn Gotcher Michaelis
Major: B.S. Management Science, 2009
Currently Working at: Provali Group (Technisource and its groups now under the brand Randstad Technologies), Spherion (Austin, TX)

Right now I am working as a senior analyst for the consulting branch of Spherion, also known as Provali Group. Our group specializes in IT consulting for companies of all industries and all sizes.

In the two years that I have been with the company, I have been part of due diligence assessments, vendor selections and business strategy deals for companies of every type from Fortune 500 banking companies with a worldwide presence to small, local private equity groups. In the past we have been involved with clients in finance, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, eCommerce, staffing, and telecommunications. Rather than starting out with menial tasks at this job, my background and education allowed me to immediately begin writing presentations and RFQs, meeting and interviewing clients, and presenting ideas to management.

I would definitely recommend management science as a major because of its versatility. My experience with the EMIS coursework was an excellent blend of hard-hitting technical classes and difficult, people-centric management courses. I know classmates that have gone on to work or study in every industry across the board. Eventually I would like to go to law school and specialize in intellectual property law, and I think that my management science background has helped to prepare me for that.